Ramey’s 4 First Half TDs Leads Midland Over PHS JVs, 56-16


Zac Ramey ran for four first half touchdowns to lead Cabell Midland to a 56-16 victory over Parkersburg Monday at Stadium Field in a junior varsity football game.

Ramey scored on runs of 11, 12, 13 and 63 yards while rushing for 135 yards on nine carries to lead a Midland offense that produced 420 yards on the ground in just 39 attempts. The Knights did not complete a pass in three attempts but had 19 first downs. JaydenBranch ran for 113 yards on 12 carries and scored one touchdown for the winners.

Parkersburg got touchdowns from Cody Gray on a 16 yard pass from Cooper Cancade and a one yard run by Ethan Jones to go with a 34 yard field goal by Conner Gribble.

Cancade passed for 180 yards on 13 completions in 29 attempts with Gray catching four passes for 83 yards and Owen Collins catching three for 46 yards. Jones rushed for 42 yards on four attempts and caught a 23 yard pass. PHS had 11 first downs and rushed for 50 yards on 17 attempts.

Defensively, PHS was led by Eli Bauman with nine tackles while Jerome Williams added seven. Conner Petty and Tytan Parsons had six tackles each while Collins had two interceptions and four tackles.

Junior Varsity

C. Midland 14  12  22  8 -  56

PHS (2-1)     0    3    7  6 - 16

CM – Ramey 11 run (run failed)

CM – Ramey 12 run (Pauley run)

CM – Ramey 13 run (run failed)

P – Conner Gribble 34 field goal

CM – Ramey 63 run (pass failed)

CM – Branch 6 run (Ramey pass from Pauley)

CM – Ray 1 run (Bailey run)

P – Cody Gray 16 pass from Cooper Cancade (Gribble kick)

CM – Bailey 39 run (pass failed)

CM – Massey 15 run (Branch run)

P – Ethan Jones 1 run (pass failed)


PHS 2022 Football Schedule
(all games 7:30 unless noted)

Aug. 26 – St. Albans (W 52-0)
Sept. 2 – Riverside (W 35-28)
Sept. 16 – at P. South (L 7-55)
Sept. 23 – at Cabell Midland (L 10-31)
Sept. 30 – at George Washington
Oct. 7 – South Charleston
Oct. 14 – at Huntington
Oct. 21 – at Capital
Oct. 28 – Spring Valley
Nov. 4 – Musselman (7:00)

Junior Varsity Schedule
(all games 6:30 unless indicated)
Aug. 29 – at St. Albans (W 28-8)
Sept. 5 – at Riverside (cxld)
Sept. 19 – Park. South (W 22-21)
Sept. 26 – Cabell Midland (L 16-56)
Oct. 3 – George Washington
Oct. 10 – at South Charleston
Oct. 17 – Huntington
Oct. 24 – Capital
Oct. 31 – at Spring Valley
Freshman Schedule
(all games 6 p.m. unless indicated)
Aug. 31 – at Wheeling Park (L 26-52)
Sept. 7 – Morgantown (L 0-22))
Sept. 21 – Park. South (W 24-18)
Sept. 28 – at Bridgeport
Oct. 5 – at John Marshall
Oct. 12 – Bridgeport
Oct. 26 – Cabell Midland
Nov. 2 – Spring Valley


2021 Class AAA All-State

First Team
WR – Hudson Clement, Martinsburg, SR (Captain)
WR – Cyrus Traugh, Parkersburg South, JR
OL – Tate Jordan, Bridgeport, SR
OL – Max Wentz, Huntington, SR
OL – Jake Zittle, Martinsburg, SR
OL – Eli Campbell, Princeton, SO
OL – Layth Ghannam, G. Washington, JR
RB – Jackson Fetty, Cabell Midland, SR
RB – Ian Cline, Greenbrier East, SO
RB – Leonard Farrow, Oak Hill, SR
QB – Gavin Lochow, Huntington, JR
K – Jonny Aya-ay, Huntington, SO
UTL – Cam Cole, Bridgeport, SR
UTL – Murphy Clement, Martinsburg, SO
UTL – Noah Waynick, Huntington, SR
First Team
DL – Nemo Roberts, Cabell Midland, SR
DL - Corbin Page, Spring Valley, SR
DL – Aydin Flemming, Martinsburg, SO
LB – Tyreese Smith, Huntington, SR
LB – Brogan Brown, Hurricane, SR
LB – Mondrell Dean, South Charleston, JR
LB – Donald Brandel, University, SR
LB – Cody Shy, Spring Valley, JR
DB – Ty Bartrum, Spring Valley, SR (Captain)
DB – Keynan Cook, Woodrow Wilson, SR
DB – Zah Zah Jackson, Huntington, FR
UTL – Landyn Reppert, Bridgeport, SR
UTL – Colt Thomas, Wheeling Park, SR
UTL – Daminn Cunningham, University, SR
P – Grant Cochran, Princeton, JR
Second Team
WR – Wayne Harris, South Charleston, SO
WR – Spencer Powell, Jefferson, JR
OL – Xavier Bausley, South Charleston, SR
OL – Eli Stahara, Morgantown, JR
OL – Brace Mullett, George Washington, SR
OL – Justice Hutchison, Cabell Midland, SR
OL – Jacob Wickline, Greenbrier East, SR
RB – Mason Moran, Cabell Midland, SR
RB – Colin McBee, University, SR
RB – Evan Tewell, Jefferson, JR
QB – Sammy Roberts, Jefferson, SR
K – Taylor Thomas, Bridgeport, JR
U – Dalton Fouch, Spring Valley, JR
U – Trey Dunn, S. Charleston, JR (Captain)
U – Shawn James, Capital, SR
Second Team
DL – Christian Slack, Martinsburg, SR
DL – Grant Neiswonger, John Marshall, SR
DL – James Scott, Huntington, SR
LB – Nolan Shimp, Lincoln County, SR
LB – Phil Reed, Bridgeport, JR
LB – Lucas Rippetoe, Hurricane, JR
LB – Cannon Lewis, Cabell Midland, SO
DB – Charlie Brazier, Bridgeport, JR
DB – Nate Shelek, Wheeling Park, SR
DB – Aidan Paulsen, Bridgeport, SR
DB – Taran Fitzpatrick, G. Washington, SR
U – Jacob Barrick, Martinsburg, SR
U – Chandler Schmidt, Cabell Midland, SR
U – Bryson Singer, Parkersburg, SR (Captain)
P – Hayden Pack, Spring Mills, SR
Honorable Mention
Ray Adames, Musselman; Scout Arthur, Huntington; Ezra Bagent, Martinsburg; Jayson Barnett, South Charleston; Ismael Borrero, Hurricane; Noah Braham, University; Devin Bruer, South Charleston; Amari Brown, George Washington; Braylon Brown, Morgantown; Reece Burton, Princeton; Jace Caldwell, Spring Valley; Koltin Childers, Washington; Sage Clawges, University; Dominick Collins, Princeton; Monquelle Davis, Greenbrier East; Jacob Donley, Brooke; Noah Dotson, Greenbrier East; Alec Duley, Morgantown; Chase Edwards, University; Elii Faircloth, Hedgesville; Savion Farmer, Buckhannon-Upshur; Amari Felder, Huntington; Logan Fisher, Cabell Midland; Bryson Fleming, Jefferson; Demetrius Gearheart, Parkersburg South; Casey Geso, Princeton; Chase Hager, Hurricane; Kyle Hall, Parkersburg; Matthew Hall, Spring Valley; Ryan Hall, Bridgeport; Ashton Hasslacker, Hampshire; Jerrae Hawkins, Wheeling Park; Kobe Hayslette, Musselman; Curtis Hayes, Parkersburg; Daniel Henderson, University; EJ Hendrix, Martinsburg; Zack Hill, Hampshire; Alex Hott, Hampshire; Elijah Jackson, University; Jeremiah Jackson, Oak Hill; JT James, Hurricane; Will James, Wheeling Park; Caden Johnson, Hurricane; Jay Jones, Woodrow Wilson; Austin Litton, Ripley; JacQai Long, Capital; Michael Lunsford, Cabell Midland; Robby Martin, Huntington; Kyle Matthews, George Washington; Lucas McCallister, Greenbrier East; Maddex McMillen, Woodrow Wilson; Nolan Meehleib, Jefferson; Caleb Nutter, Morgantown; Cole Petry, Spring Valley; Brett Phillips, Wheeling Park; Grant Plants, George Washington; Bobby Powell, Morgantown; Joey Ramsey, Ripley; Brodee Rice, Princeton; Keyshawn Robinson, Jefferson; Shawn Rouse, Cabell Midland; Kam Shallis, Martinsburg; Robert Shockey, Parkersburg South; Alex Smith, Cabell Midland; Isaiah Smith, Lincoln County; Zion Smith, Capital; Aidan Sparks, Bridgeport; JT Spencer, Greenbrier East; Casey Stanley, Parkersburg; Kamar Summers, Bridgeport; Ben Turner, Spring Valley; Corbin Turney, University; Khalief Tye, Huntington; Ethan Vargo-Thomas, Oak Hill; Klypsan Wallace, John Marshall; Zach Wharton, Washington; Kam Wells, St. Albans; Brandon Whipkey, Parkersburg South; Adam Wilkinson, Riverside; Elijah Williams, Riverside; Gage Wright, Parkersburg South.

All-MSAC football team
All-Mountain State Athletic Conference
Selected by league coaches
Special awards
Coach of the Year -- Billy Seals, Huntington;
Player of the Year -- Ty Bartrum, Spring Valley, Sr.
First team
Tight end: Corbin Page, Spring Valley, Sr.
Wide receiver: Noah Waynick, Huntington, Sr.; Wayne Harris, South Charleston, Soph.; Chase Hager, Hurricane, Sr.
Tackle: Shawn Roush, Cabell Midland, Jr.; Curtis Hayes, Parkersburg, Sr.
Guard: Justice Hutchinson, Cabell Midland, Sr.; Brace Mullett, George Washington, Sr.
Center: Maxwell Wentz, Huntington, Sr.
Running back: Amari Felder, Huntington, Jr.; Jackson Fetty, Cabell Midland, Sr.
Quarterback: Dalton Fouch, Spring Valley, Jr.
Utility: Bryson Singer, Parkersburg, Sr.
Kicker: Jonny Aya-ay, Huntington, Soph.
Lineman: Nemo Roberts, Cabell Midland, Sr.; James Scott, Huntington, Sr.; Amari Brown, George Washington, Sr.; Grant Plants, George Washington, Sr.
Linebacker: Brogan Brown, Hurricane, Sr.; Cody Shy, Spring Valley, Jr.; Cannon Lewis, Cabell Midland, Soph.; Tyrees Smith, Huntington, Sr.; Mondrell Dean, South Charleston, Jr.
Defensive back: Mason Moran, Cabell Midland, Sr.; Zah Zah Jackson, Huntington, Fr.; Khalief Tye, Huntington, Soph.; Jace Caldwell, Spring Valley, Sr.
Utility: Chandler Schmitt, Cabell Midland, Sr.
Punter: Jacob Alderson, Riverside, Jr.; Scout Arthur, Huntington, Sr.
Second team
Tight end: Michael Lunsford, Cabell Midland, Soph.
Wide receiver: Taran Fitzpatrick, George Washington, Sr.; Braxton Jones, Riverside, Sr.; Ben Turner, Spring Valley, Sr.
Tackle: Xavier Bausley, South Charleston, Sr.; Robby Martin, Huntington, So.
Guard: Eli Williams, Riverside, Sr.; Zach Krason, George Washington, Sr.; Nijil Amburgey, South Charleston, Sr.
Center: Caden Johnson, Hurricane, Sr.; Shane Roberts, Spring Valley, Jr.
Running back: Shawn James, Capital, Sr.; Eli Littlejohn, St. Albans, Fr.
Quarterback: Ismael Borrero, Hurricane, Sr.; Gavin Lochow, Huntington, Jr.
Utility: Anthony Valentine, George Washington, Soph.
Kicker: Olivia Charles, Cabell Midland, Jr.
Lineman: Matthew Hall, Spring Valley, Sr.; Jayson Barnett, South Charleston, Jr.; Jacob Ellis, Hurricane, Jr.; Braydin Ward, Riverside, Jr.
Linebacker: Elijah Edge, St. Albans, Jr.; Peyton Coulter, George Washington, Jr.; Klay Matthews, George Washington, Jr.; Tevin Taylor, Cabell Midland, Sr.; Lucas Rippetoe, Hurricane, Jr.
Defensive back: Michael Hindman, St. Albans, Jr.; JT James, Hurricane, Sr.; Demarcus Daniels, Capital, Jr.; Trenton Tiggle, Capital, Jr.
Utility: Zach Howard, Parkersburg, Sr.; Curtis Jones Jr., Huntington, Soph.
Punter: Chase Edwards, South Charleston, Sr.
Special honorable mention
Tackle: Cole Petry, Spring Valley, Sr.
Running back: Andrew Baria, Riverside, Jr.
Quarterback: Abe Fenwick, George Washington, Soph.; Trey Dunn, South Charleston, Jr.
Kicker: Casey Stanley, Parkersburg, Soph.
Lineman: Devin Bruer, South Charleston, Soph.; Donovan Garrett, Huntington, Jr.; Connor McCann, Spring Valley, Jr.; Kam Wells, St. Albans, Sr.; Anthony Casto, George Washington, Sr.; Jeff Jones, Parkersburg, Sr.; Eli Williams, Riverside, Sr.; Layth Ghannam, George Washington, Jr.
Linebacker: Alex Baria, Riverside, Jr.; Xadrian Snodgrass, Parkersburg, Sr.; Tanner Burnette, Capital, Jr.; Za'Shawn Davis, Capital, Jr.
Defensive back: Heath Montgomery, Hurricane, Jr.; Adam Wilkinson, Riverside, Jr.; Bryson Murrell, Hurricane, Jr.; Kyndon Keesee, Spring Valley, Jr.
Honorable mention (offense and defense)
Cabell Midland -- Alex Smith, Ryan Wolfe; Capital -- Navar Harris, JacQai Long; George Washington -- Tyshawn Dues, Hunter Giacomo; Huntington -- David Bradshaw, Brody Sipple; Hurricane -- Garrett Scantlin, Elijah Rivera; Parkersburg -- Austin Fleming, David Parsons; Riverside -- Jake Walker, Max Hall; South Charleston -- Caiden Davis, Devon Pugh; Spring Valley -- Dalton Caldwell, Bruin Booth; St. Albans -- Ashton Spangler, Justice Warner

2021 Big Red Football Schedule

(click on game to go to story, stats and photos)

Aug. 27 – at Huntington (7-47)
Sept. 3 – Spring Valley (10-34)
Sept. 10 – Capital (28-20)
Sept. 17 – Parkersburg South (28-19)
Sept. 24 – at Cabell Midland (6-45)
Oct. 1 – Hurricane (30-42)
Oct. 9 – at South Charleston (21-38)
Oct. 15 – Open
Oct. 22 – at Riverside (31-7)
Oct. 29 – George Washington (24-28)
Nov. 5 – at Musselman (56-52)


Jayvee Schedule

(all games start 6:00)

Aug. 30 – Huntington (30-20)
Sept. 6 – at Spring Valley (6-52)

Sept. 13 – at Capital (cxld)
Sept. 20 – at Park. South (cxld)
Sept. 27 – Cabell Midland (20-61)
Oct. 4 – at Hurricane (cxld)
Oct. 11 – South Charleston (38-22)

Oct. 18 - St. Marys (12-48)
Oct. 25 – Riverside (6-6 tie)
Nov. 1 – at George Washington (cxld)


2020 PHS Varsity Football Schedule

Sept. 4 – at Spring Valley (L 7-42)
Sept. 11 – Wheeling Central (W 38-21)
Sept. 18 – at Marietta (W 34-20)
Sept. 25 – Huntington (W 25-14)
Oct. 2- at Hurricane (L 36-60)
Oct. 9 – South Charleston (cxld)
Oct. 16 – Bluefield (W 29-8)
Oct. 23 – John Marshall (W 54-14)
Oct. 30 – Jefferson (W 37-20)
Nov. 6 – Parkersburg South (cxld)

Nov. 15 - Playoffs: Spring Mills (cxld, COVID)


Junior Varsity
Sept. 7- Spring Valley (cxld)
Sept. 14 – Capital (cxld)
Sept. 21 – Marietta (L 14-18)
Sept. 28 – at Huntington (L 14-33)
Oct. 5 – Hurricane (W 28-0)
Oct. 12 – at South Charleston (cxld)
Oct. 19 – Park. South (L 34-44)
Oct. 26 – Bridgeport (L 14-35)
Nov. 2 – George Washington
Sept. 3 at Morgantown cxld
Sept. 9 at Park. South (L 20-28)
Sept. 16 – Bridgeport (W 26-14)
Sept. 23 – at John Marshall (W 32-26)
Sept. 30 – Cabell Midland (cxld)
Oct. 8 – at Spring Valley (6:00)
Oct. 14 – at Bridgeport (6:00)
Oct. 21 – Park South (cxld)
Oct. 28 – Wheeling Park (cxld)

The greatest hits of all time return to Parkersburg on Monday! That's right, the all new 1450 AM/98.1/107.9FM WVAM will be on the air and playing your favorite music from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Friday nights will also be FOOTBALL NIGHTS as we're proud to be your new home for the Parkersburg High School Big Reds! All the games - all season long - will be on our 3 frequencies and at wvamradio.com! Tune in and tell your friends!
Our home games will either be on tv or streamed live on www.f55live.com

Awards Presented

Awards for 2019 were presented at the annual football banquet at the Grand Point Convention center with senior Braeden Mason taking home the Most Valuable Player honor.

Offensive Player of the Year was Bryson Singer while the co-defensive Players of the Year were C.J. Wade and Gage Fiore.

Zach Wofe won the Coaches Award while Jacob and Josh Campbell shared the Trust Loyalty and Commitment award. Special awards went to seniors Anthony Craig and Matt Curry as well as junior Deaven Francis. Sam Potts won Newcomer of the year honors while Justin Waybright and Michael Owen were Utility Players of the Year and Jim Shrewsbury won the Heart Award. Jayvee honors went to Jake Barnette and Kyle Hall.

Record-breakers were honored as C.J. Wade tied the record for sacks in a game with four and Bryson Singer and Braeden Mason set a school record for longest touchdown pass with their 91 yard completion. Sam Potts set a record with four interceptions in a single game and Singer became the first player in history to pass for over 1,000 yards and rush for over 1,000 yards.


2019 PHS Football Schedule

8/30 Morgantown (W 27-21)
9/6 at Cabell Midland (L 13-55)
9/13 Woodrow Wilson (W 35-6)
9/20 at Capital (L 13-35)
9/27 Marietta (W 42-21)
10/4 Open
10/11 at George Washington (L 21-34)
10/18 Hurricane (W 42-28)
10/25 Spring Mills (W 27-7)
11/1 Huntington (L 13-44)
11/8 at Parkersburg South (L 14-49)

11/15 at Musselman (L 29-48)


Junior Varsity

9/2 at Morgantown (L 8-30)

9/9 Cabell Midland (W 16-13)

9/16 at Woodrow Wilson (T 16-16)

9/23 Capital (L 0-38)

9/28 at Marietta (W 16-12)

10/14 George Washington (L 0-20)

10/21 at Hurricane (L 32-50)

10/28 Park. South (W 18-7)

11/4 at Huntington (cxld)



9/4 John Marshall (W 14-12)

9/11 Bridgeport (L 6-35)

9/18 at P. South (W 20-8)

10/2 P. South (W 44-0)

10/10 at Cabell Midland (cxld)

10/16 at Bridgeport (0-42)

10/23 Spring Valley (L 6-42)

10/30 Wheeling Park (L 0-30)


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2018 PHS football schedule
Aug. 23–at Morgantown (35-45)
Aug. 31–Cabell Midland (20-40)
Sept. 7 – at Beckley Woodrow Wilson (28-7)
Sept. 14 – Capital (22-35)
Sept. 21 – at Marietta (41-28)
Sept. 28–Wheeling Park (57-51)
Oct. 5–George Washington (32-7)
Oct. 12–at Hurricane (38-14)
Oct. 19 – Open
Oct. 26 – at Huntington (21-27 OT)
Nov. 2 – Parkersburg South (28-10)

Nov. 9 - at Wheeling Park (7:30) Playoffs (Win 28-21)

Nov. 17 - at Martinsburg (Loss 20-49) Playoffs


Big Reds Travel To GW Friday

           CHARLESTON - Two teams going through an up and down season so far will meet here Friday night when the George Washington Patriots host the Parkersburg Big Reds at 7:30 p.m.

          George Washington, coached by Steve Edwards Jr., started its season with a pair of close but impressive wins over Cabell Midland (28-21) and Ashland Blazer (21-14) but then was beaten soundly by Hurricane (7-56) and Huntington (13-58) before thrashing South Charleston 48-7 last Friday. Both Hurricane and Huntington have only one loss this year, both by narrow margins to undefeated Spring Valley (which beat Hurricane by three points and Huntington by one point).

          Meanwhile, Parkersburg opened with wins over St. Albans (52-0) and Riverside (35-28) before losing to Parkersburg South (7-55) and Cabell Midland (10-31).

          The game at Steve Edwards Sr. Field should include some aerial fireworks as both teams rely heavily on the air attack.

          George Washington lefty quarterback Abe Fenwick (6-3, 190 jr.) has thrown for 1,116 yards (223 yards per game) and 10 touchdowns, completing 74 of 121 passes with seven interceptions. Leading receivers are Keegan Sack (5-11, 190 so.) with 27 catches for 406 yards and six touchdowns along with Hayden Hatfield (6-2, 200 sr.) with 19 receptions for 321 yards and one score. Anthony Valentine (5-9, 195 jr.) has 17 receptions for 252 yards and two touchdowns while Hunter Giacomo (6-0, 180 so.) has seven catches for 84 yards and one score.

          Meanwhile, PHS junior quarterback David Parsons has thrown for 629 yards (157 yards per game) and eight touchdowns, completing 52 of 91 passes with just one interception. Leading receivers are Anthony Ice with 16 for 175 yards and two touchdowns along with Austin Fleming with 14 catches for 176 yards and one touchdown and Casey Stanley with seven receptions for 156 yards and three scores.

          Neither team has been able to generate much offensively in the rushing department. George Washington’s top ground gainer is Valentine with 126 yards on 25 carries with two touchdowns while Fenwick has 94 yards rushing on 26 carries with two scores. Leading rusher for PHS is Aiyden Cooke with 97 yards on 23 carries with two touchdowns while Parsons has 91 net yards on 23 attempts with one touchdown.

          Sack leads the Patriots with seven touchdowns for 42 points while Stanley has 37 points (3 touchdowns, 13 of 13 extra points and two field goals in two attempts) for the Big Reds.

          Defensively, George Washington is led by senior middle linebacker Klayton Matthews with 45 tackles and sophomore outside linebacker Hunter Giacomo with 34 stops. Parkersburg is led by senior linebacker Grant Snyder with 28 tackles while Stanley and Andrew Williamson have 24 each. Fleming has two sacks and two fumble recoveries for the Big Reds.

          This will be the 26th meeting between the two Mountain State Athletic Conference rivals with GW holding a 14-11 edge in the series. Last year the Patriots notched a 28-24 win as they held off a Big Red scoring threat from the two yard line with 51 seconds left in the game. The teams did not meet in 2020 but GW won 34-21 at home in 2019 while the Big Reds won 32-7 in 2018.

 Midland Continues Running Ways In 31-10 Victory Over PHS 
Game Statistics / Game Photographs

ONA – Cabell Midland used a familiar theme as it continued its recent mastery over Parkersburg here Friday night in cruising to a 31-10 victory.
The Knights won their third straight game of the year after an opening loss to George Washington and beat the Big Reds for the 11th time in a row with their usual time-consuming, run-based offense. Midland ran 65 plays to just 43 for PHS and piled up 483 yards in total offense, 473 of it on the ground. The Knights completed just one pass.
Meanwhile the Big Reds dropped their second game in a row to even their season’s record at 2-2 despite being able to move the ball well at times on offense but coming up short and had to settle for a field goal and a third quarter touchdown on a 22 yard pass from David Parsons to Anthony Ice.
Parsons threw for 147 yards as he completed 14 of 26 passes with Ice catching six for 51 and Austin Fleming four for 66 including a one-hand grab in the fourth quarter.
But Midland had a trio of 100-yard rushers in Zachy Roberts (9-117), Curtis Jones (19-125) and quarterback Ryan Wolfe (14-123) and got two touchdowns from freshman Kylan Grace, who ran for 70 yards himself on just nine carries.
Midland scored a touchdown in each of the first two quarters before Casey Stanley kicked a 31-yard field goal only to have the Knights answer with no time left on the clock with an Olivia Charles 23-yard field goal.
The Knights took the opening kickoff and drove 85 yards on 12 plays, all on the ground, for the touchdown. Faced with a fourth and one on their own 29 the Knights gambled and got a 26 yard run from Wolfe. They scored from the four to cap the 6:25 drive.
After PHS had a four-and-out, Midland got the ball near midfield but again tried for a first down on a fourth and 10 to go but came up inches short on their only pass completion of the night.
After a PHS punt, the Knights put together an eight-play, 47-yard scoring drive that was helped by a third-and-12 facemask penalty against the visitors.  Wolfe’s one-yard run came with 7:30 left in the half and made the score 14-0.
A 17-yard run by Parsons and a 20 yard catch and run by Austin Fleming enabled PHS to drive from its own 31 for a first down at the Midland 14 but had to settle for Stanley’s field goal with 4:20 on the clock.
After a change of possessions, Midland got the ball on its own 35 after PHS failed on fourth down and five. The Knights ran off six plays and advanced to the PHS 11 before settling for their field goal.
A five-play drive highlighted by a 29 yard run from Grace enabled the home team to put its third touchdown on the board with 9:11 on the clock and then got a break when PHS failed to cover the ensuing kickoff and Midland had the ball back at the PHS 36. Seven running plays produced another touchdown and the lead expanded to 31-3.
PHS responded with a three-minute touchdown drive highlighted by Fleming’s one-hand reception and run for 35 yards. The touchdown came with a pass near the sideline in the end zone to Ice to cut the lead to 31-10 with just under two minutes left to play.

#13 Parkersburg vs #13 Cabell Midland (Sep 23, 2022 at Ona)
Score by Quarters           1      2      3   4 - Total
Parkersburg                  0      3      7   0 - 10
Cabell Midland             7    10    14   0 - 31
Qtr Time Scoring play
1st 05:36 CM - Cannon Lewis 4 yd run (Olivia Charles kick), 12-80 6:24
2nd 07:30 CM - Ryan Wolfe 1 yd run (Olivia Charles kick), 8-51 4:22
04:20 PHS - Casey Stanley 31 yd field goal, 8-55 2:58
00:00 CM - Olivia Charles 23 yd field goal, 6-58 0:35
3rd 09:11 CM - Kylan Grace 5 yd run (Olivia Charles kick), 5-61 1:33
05:30 CM - Kylan Grace 5 yd run (Olivia Charles kick), 7-36 3:34
01:56 PHS - Anthony Ice 22 yd pass from David Parsons (Casey Stanley kick), 7-74 3:25
.................................................................PHS         CM
FIRST DOWNS                                      13            27
RUSHES-YARDS (NET)                       17-74       61-473
PASSING YDS (NET)                           147          10
Passes Att-Comp-Int                               26-14-0   4-1-1
TOTAL OFFENSE PLAYS-YARDS     43-221     65-483
Fumble Returns-Yards                            0-0           0-0
Punt Returns-Yards                                0-0           0-0
Kickoff Returns-Yards                           3-12         0-0
Interception Returns-Yards                    1-3           0-0
Punts (Number-Avg)                              3-31.7      1-19.0
Fumbles-Lost                                          0-0           0-0
Penalties-Yards                                       9-70         14-110
Possession Time                                     19:01       26:30
Third-Down Conversions                       4 of 10     3 of 6
Fourth-Down Conversions                     0 of 2       2 of 2
Red-Zone Scores-Chances                     1-2           5-5
Sacks By: Number-Yards                       0-0           0-0
RUSHING: Parkersburg-David Parsons 7-46; Austin Fleming 5-11; Logan Hartshorn 2-6; Anthony Ice 1-6; Xavier Robinson 1-4; Aiydn Cooke 1-1. Cabell Midland-Curtis Jones 19-125; Ryan Wolfe 14-123;
Zechariah Roberts 9-117; Kylan Grace 9-70; Cannon Lewis 7-30; Jayden Branch 3-8.
PASSING: Parkersburg-David Parsons 14-26-0-147. Cabell Midland-Ryan Wolfe 1-4-1-10.
RECEIVING: Parkersburg-Anthony Ice 6-51; Austin Fleming 4-66; Casey Stanley 2-19; Andrew Stalnaker
1-6; Logan Hartshorn 1-5. Cabell Midland-Jayden Branch 1-10.
INTERCEPTIONS: Parkersburg-Logan Hartshorn 1-3. Cabell Midland-None.
FUMBLES: Parkersburg-None. Cabell Midland-None.
Parkersburg (2-2) vs. Cabell Midland (3-1)
Kickoff time: 7:00 • End of Game: 9:31 • Total elapsed time: 2:31
Temperature: 65 • Wind: calm • Weather: sunny
SACKS (UA-A): Parkersburg-Austin Fleming 1-0. Cabell Midland-None.
UNOFFICIAL TACKLES (UA-A): Parkersburg-Grant Snyder 11-4; QuayvonCyrus 8-0; Andrew Williamson 6-0; Austin Fleming 4-2; Zane Lewis 4-1; Casey Stanley 4-1; Matt Stalnaker 4-0; Jake Bauman 3-1; Alex Hay 2-1; Mason Cyran 2-1; A.J. Ellis 2-1; Andrew Stalnaker 1-0; Anthony Ice 1-0.

Big Reds Travel To Midland Friday
ONA – Parkersburg’s Big Reds must try to regroup on the road Friday night against a team they have had little success against in recent years.
Coming off a disappointing loss to rival Parkersburg South, PHS will travel to Cabell Midland to face the Knights of coach Luke Salmons in a 7 o’clock contest.
The Big Reds will try to end a 10-game losing streak against Midland. The last PHS win over Midland came in 2011 by a 37-34 margin. During that span the Knights have never scored less than 40 points against PHS and are averaging 49.7 points against the Big Reds defense.
The Knights and Big Reds are both 2-1 on the season and both ranked 11th in the latest WVSSAC Class AAA ratings.
Cabell Midland lost its 2022 season-opener to George Washington 28-21 as Patriot scrambling junior quarterback Abe Fenwick threw for three touchdowns and ran for another, accounting for 240 yards in total offense. Sophomore wide receiver Keegan Sack caught all three scoring passes.
But Midland has bounced back in a big way by clubbing Capital 49-0 and swamping South Charleston 62-6.
As usual it has been a strong running attack that has powered the Midland squad. Curtis Jones (6-2, 210 jr.) has rushed for 331 yards on 43 carries with five touchdowns while quarterback Ryan Wolfe (6-3, 205 sr.) has 211 yards on 37 rushes with five scores. Zechariah “Zaky” Roberts (5-10, 170 sr.) has 187 yards rushing on just 18 attempts with two touchdowns and Alex Smith (6-0, 160 sr.) has 94 yards on 14 carries with two scores.
Wolfe has thrown just 10 passes with six completions for 188 yards and no touchdowns with Smith coming up with four catches for 105 yards. Kicker Olivia Charles has hit 18 of 19 extra points and kicked a field goal last year against PHS.
Last year Midland won 45-6 in its meeting with PHS as the Knights piled up 420 yards on the ground and attempted just two passes, one each by Wolfe and Smith.
While Midland is predominately a running team, PHS thrives with the passing of David Parsons. The junior signal caller has completed 38 of 65 passes (58.5%) for 482 yards with seven touchdowns and only one interception. In addition to his 161 yards passing per game, Parsons has rushed for 77 yards not counting sacks and scored one touchdown.
Leading the way catching the ball is Anthony Ice and Austin Fleming with 10 receptions each and one touchdown apiece. Casey Stanley has caught five passes for three touchdowns and an average of 27.4 yards per reception.
The Big Red ground game has produced just 75 yards per game with Aiydn Cooke and Logan Hartshorn leading the way with 96 and 85 yards respectively.
Stanley is the team’s leading scorer with 33 points as he has kicked 12 straight extra points to go with a 46-yard field goal and three touchdowns. He is also the team’s leading tackler along with Andrew Williamson with 18 stops each while Andrew Stalnaker and Alex Hay have 16 tackles apiece. Stalnaker has five quarterback sacks.

South Big Play Offense, Blitzing Defense Produces Win Over PHS

Game Statistics / Game Photos

Big plays on offense and a blitzing defense carried second ranked Parkersburg South to a 55-7 win over fourth-ranked Parkersburg Friday night before a crowd of 6,000 in the 55th meeting of the two city rivals at Erickson All-Sports Facility.
While South averaged over 10 yards per play with its no-huddle offense, collecting 567 yards on 52 plays with 26 first downs, the Patriot defense pressured Big Red quarterback David Parsons all night and limited the junior signal caller to just 135 yards passing.
South quarterback Robert Shockey threw for four touchdowns and 278 yards (16 of 24 with one interception) while also leading his team with 122 yards rushing on 11 carries. Cyrus Traugh added three touchdowns, two receiving and one rushing, as he caught six passes for 82 yards and ran for 40 yards on three attempts. Gage Wright added two touchdowns on the ground with 89 yards rushing on nine attempts as South raised its record to 4-0 and won for the 17th time in the series by putting up the most points for any Patriot team in the series.
Parsons completed 18 of 31 passes with one interception and was sacked once for the Big Reds, who fall to 2-1 on the year. He accounted for 49 of the PHS total of 52 yards rushing. Austin Fleming caught five passes for 39 yards and ran the ball for 15 more on four carries.
The Patriots got on the board with 5:22 left in the first quarter on a 38 yard run by Traugh and added another touchdown with 53 seconds left in the period on a 14 yard run by Wright.
Mid-way through the second period, Traugh added a touchdown on a shovel pass reception from the two but the extra point kick was blocked to make it 20-0.
The Big Reds got on the board with 1:49 left in the half when Aiydn Cooke caught a 16 yard pass from Parsons to cap a 13-play, 64 yard drive that cut the lead to 20-7 and appeared to give PHS some momentum.
But that disappeared when South got the ball back with 14 seconds left on the PHS 34 yard line and two plays later Traugh turned a pass from Shockey into a 23 yard touchdown as time expired to make it 27-7 at the half.
The Patriots produced three scores in the third quarter on a one yard run by Wright, a 26 yard run by Eli Bartley and a 28 yard pass reception by Triston Walker to run the score to 48-7 going into the fourth quarter and force a running clock situation.
With just 8:05 left in the game, Shockey tossed his fourth touchdown pass of the game, an 18-yarder to Mason Reams.

#4 Parkersburg vs #2 Parkersburg South (Sep 16, 2022 at Erickson All-Sports)

Score by Quarters                  1       2       3       4       -        Total

Parkersburg                  0      7      0      0      -       7

Parkersburg South       14    13    21    7      -       55

Qtr Time Scoring play

1st 05:22 SP - Cyrus Traugh 38 yd run (Miciah Jones kick), 4-79 1:22

00:53 SP - Gage Wright 14 yd run (Miciah Jones kick), 6-51 1:46

2nd 06:33 SP - Cyrus Traugh 2 yd pass from Robert Shockey (Miciah Jones kick blockd), 9-97 2:28

01:49 PHS - Aiydn Cooke 16 yd pass from David Parsons (Casey Stanley kick), 13-64 4:37

00:00 SP - Cyrus Traugh 23 yd pass from Robert Shockey (Miciah Jones kick), 2-34 0:14

3rd 10:51 SP - Gage Wright 1 yd run (Miciah Jones kick), 5-60 1:01

08:26 SP - Eli Bartley 26 yd run (Miciah Jones kick), 2-26 0:13

01:15 SP - Triston Walker 28 yd pass from Robert Shockey (Miciah Jones kick), 8-70 1:36

4th 00:43 SP - Mason Reams 18 yd pass from Robert Shockey (Miciah Jones kick), 5-49 8:05

         Parkersburg (2-1) vs. Parkersburg South (4-0)

Date: Sep 16, 2022 • Site: Parkersburg • Stadium: Erickson All-Sports

Attendance: 6000. Kickoff time: 7:30 • End of Game: 10:10 • Total elapsed time: 2:40.Temperature: 81 • Wind: calm • Weather: sunny

Big Reds Travel To South Friday;
Scoreboard In For A Workout

When two teams which are averaging over 100 total combined points per game collide the defensive coordinators are sure to be working overtime in preparation.
That will be the case when Parkersburg High crosses the Little Kanawha River to face Parkersburg South for the 55th time on Friday night at 7:30 at the Erickson All-Sports Facility.
The Big Reds lead the overall series 38-16 including a 28-19 victory last year.
Parkersburg South enters the contest as the state’s highest scoring team with 185 points (61.7 points per game) while PHS is hitting a not too shabby 43.5 points per game.
South has beaten Capital 59-0, University 78-14 and Beckley 48-25 while PHS has downed St. Albans 52-0 and Riverside 35-28. The Big Reds are coming off a bye week.
Big plays and an opportunistic defense have led the way for South, which has come up with 12 turnovers, nine of them interceptions. They have turned four of those takeaways into immediate touchdowns – two pick-six returns and two fumble returns covering 79 yards. Three of those returns by Cyrus Traugh (two interceptions) who has also ran for one score, returned a punt for a score and caught three touchdown passes (among his 10 receptions) for a total of eight touchdowns.
Gage Wright has also returned a punt for a South touchdown while tacking on six rushing touchdowns while averaging an amazing 21.1 yards per carry on 17 attempts for a team-high 358 yards.
Turner Garretson has returned a fumble for a touchdown for South while Triston Walker, like Traugh, has three interceptions. The Patriot defense has accounted for four touchdowns and special team play two more scores.
The other member of South’s offensive Big Three is junior quarterback Robert Shockey. Shockey has completed 33 of 51 passes for 504 yards, seven touchdowns and just one interception. He has also rushed for four scores while gaining 311 yards on just 25 carries (11.2 average).
The Patriots, who have had to punt just one time, have scored 77 points in the first quarter and 57 in the second, meaning their games have had running clock in most of their fourth quarters of play.
Defensively South is led by Braeden Hamilton with 28 tackles while Wright has 3 and a half sacks.
The Big Reds have come up with six turnovers in two games (four fumble recoveries and two interceptions) while giving up the ball just once (a fumble).
Leading scorer for PHS is junior Casey Stanley with three receiving touchdowns, a 46 yard field goal and 11 of 11 extra point kicks for a total of 32 points. Stanley is also averaging 43 yards on three punts while putting nine of 14 kickoffs into the end zone for a 59.5 yard average. As a receiver he has caught five passes for a 27.4 average.
Junior quarterback David Parsons has completed 20 of 34 passes for 347 yards and six touchdowns with no interceptions. His other scoring passes have gone to Anthony Ice and Austin Fleming. Leading rushers are Aiydn Cooke with 85 yards (5.3 average) and two touchdowns along with Logan Hartshorn with 81 yards (4.8 average) and one score. Parsons also has a rushing touchdown.
Defensively, PHS is led by a pair of Andrews, Williamson and Stalnaker, with 16 and 14 tackles respectively. Alex Hay and Zane Lewis have added 12 and 10 stops. Stalnaker has five tackles for loss including a sack while Fleming has two fumble recoveries (one for a touchdown).

Big Reds Hold Off Riverside 35-28;
Stanley Puts On All-Around Show

Game Statistics / Game Photos

Special team plays and some big pass combinations were enough to lift Parkersburg to a 35-28 victory over visiting Riverside Friday night at Stadium Field.
The win was the second of the season for the Big Reds of coach Matt Kimes and was the 14th in a row over the Warriors, who drop to 0-2 with their second narrow defeat after their second big comeback attempt failed.
The Big Reds were out-gained by whopping totals in the statistics but made numerous big plays to build leads of 28-7 and 35-13 but watched the visitors claw back with big plays of their own only to fall short when PHS stiffened defensively in the final minute.
Casey Stanley had an incredible game for the winners as the versatile junior scored the first three touchdowns, returned kickoffs 48 and 37 yards to set up touchdowns, kicked five extra points, put five of six kickoffs into the end zone and iced the victory with 1:04 left to play with an interception at the PHS 41 yard line. He caught three passes for 93 yards in the game – all touchdowns.
Junior quarterback David Parsons threw for four touchdowns in all while completing 10 of 21 passes for 160 yards with the other score going to Austin Fleming, who caught three passes for 33 yards on the night. The Big Reds were held to 35 yards net rushing.
The big play heroics were needed to offense a 441-195 Riverside advantage in total yardage. The Warriors had a 21-8 margin in first downs and ran 72 plays to just 42 for the home team. Riverside ran for 201 yards and passed for 240 with Reed Marsico gaining 131 yards on the ground and quarterback Jake Walker added 60 yards with his scrambles that caused Parkersburg’s defense problems all game.
The game started with Stanley putting back-to-back kickoffs into the end zone thanks to a penalty and he then returned a Riverside punt 48 yards to the Warrior five yard line. Two rushes and a penalty put the ball back on the nine but Parsons calmly found Stanley with a pass over the middle for the touchdown with 8:52 on the clock.
Riverside tied the score with an 80-yard drive that took just seven plays. A 46 yard run by Marisco on a fourth down play from their own 27 was the spark that kept that drive alive. Walker finished it with the first of his three touchdown passes with 5:54 on the first quarter clock.
It took PHS just 51 seconds to go ahead for good as Parsons found Stanley in stride after a 40-yard pass downfield to complete a 70-yard score.
With time winding down in the second quarter, Stanley returned a Walker punt 37 yards to the Riverside 26 with 1:53 remaining in the half. After a pass to Fleming moved the ball to the 14, Parsons hit Stanley with another in stride completion to make it 21-7 after the extra point.
The Big Reds got the ball to start the second half and quickly went 65 yards in eight plays while using 4:15 off the clock to run the score to 28-7. A fourth-down pass near midfield for 18 yards to Aiyden Cooke kept things going until Parsons found Fleming for the final 15 yards with 7:37 remaining in the period.
Riverside answered with an 80 yard drive that took 17 plays and nearly seven minutes. Twice the Warriors converted on fourth down, once making four yards when they needed two on their own 40 and a second time getting 18 yards on a scramble by Walker when he needed 15 for the first down at midfield. The visitors scored on a three yard run to close the gap to 28-13 with just 56 seconds in the period.
It took Anthony Ice just 12 seconds to answer that for the Big Reds with an 80 yard kickoff return in which he had to go back for the kick that was going over his head but once he hauled it in he went virtually untouched up the middle to the end zone to make it 35-13 with 44 seconds left in the quarter.
The fourth quarter was long and hectic with Riverside scoring twice and passing for 141 yards in the final 12 minutes alone. The first score came on an 85-yard pass and run play while the second came on a fourth down pass in the corner that Jaylen Symns caught over the out-stretched hands of a PHS defender. That made it 35-28 with 6:34 still left to play.
After a failed onside kick, Riverside got the ball back on downs at its own 40 but faced with a fourth and 17 from its own 33, the Warriors elected to punt with just over three minutes left to play.
A 26 yard run by Logan Hartshorn gave the Big Reds some breathing room but on fourth down at the Riverside 34 the home team was stopped and gave the Warriors one last possession with 1:14 to play. That end two plays later when Stanley intercepted at the PHS 41 and the Big Reds were able to take two kneel-downs to preserve the win.

Riverside vs Parkersburg (Sept.2, 2022 at Parkersburg)

Score by Quarters    1   2     3     4     Total

Riverside      7  0   6 15 - 28

Parkersburg 14  7 14   0 - 35

Qtr Time Scoring play

1st 08:52 PHS - Casey Stanley 9 yd pass from David Parsons (Casey Stanley kick), 3-5 1:32

05:54 RIV - Adam Wikinson 27 yd pass from Jake Walker (Jase Cook kick), 7-80 2:58

05:03 PHS - Casey Stanley 70 yd pass from David Parsons (Casey Stanley kick), 2-74 0:45

2nd 00:30 PHS - Casey Stanley 14 yd pass from David Parsons (Casey Stanley kick), 4-26 1:23

3rd 07:37 PHS - Austin Fleming 15 yd pass from David Parsons (Casey Stanley kick), 8-65 4:15

00:56 RIV - Bryce Green 3 yd run (Jase Cook kick failed), 17-80 6:41

00:44 PHS - Anthony Ice 80 yd kickoff return (Casey Stanley kick)

4th 11:45 RIV - Michael Terrell 85 yd pass from Jake Walker (Jaylen Symns pass from Jake Walker), 2-85 0:42

06:34 RIV - Jaylen Symns 9 yd pass from Jake Walker (Jase Cook kick), 10-82 4:00

                                                          RIV             PHS

FIRST DOWNS                                 21                8

RUSHES-YARDS (NET)                  43-201        21-35

PASSING YDS (NET)                     240             160

Passes Att-Comp-Int                           29-16-1       21-10-0

TOTAL OFFENSE PLAYS-YARDS 72-441      42-195

Fumble Returns-Yards                       0-0             0-0

Punt Returns-Yards                           0-0              2-85

Kickoff Returns-Yards                       1-22            4-121

Interception Returns-Yards                0-0              1-0

Punts (Number-Avg)                         5-29.2         3-43.0

Fumbles-Lost                                     3-1              1-0

Penalties-Yards                                  10-80          7-55

Possession Time                                31:04           15:52

Third-Down Conversions                  5 of 15        1 of 8

Fourth-Down Conversions                5 of 5          1 of 4

Red-Zone Scores-Chances                 2-2              3-3

Sacks By: Number-Yards                   1-2              1-9

RUSHING: Riverside-Reed Marsico 22-131; Jake Walker 12-60; Michael Terrell 5-6; Justin Rucker 1-2; Bryce Green 3-2. Parkersburg-Logan Hartshorn 5-32; Aiydn Cooke 10-25; Dylan Stone 1-minus 1; David Parsons 4-minus 9; Casey Stanley 1-minus 12.

PASSING: Riverside-Jake Walker 16-29-1-240. Parkersburg-David Parsons 10-21-0-160.

RECEIVING: Riverside-Jaylen Symns 7-44; Michael Terrell 2-85; Braydin Ward 2-47; Brock Jeffries 1-28; Adam Wikinson 1-27; Jase Cook 1-11; Bryce Green 1-8; Reed Marsico 1-minus 10.

Parkersburg-Casey Stanley 3-93; Austin Fleming 3-33; Aiydn Cooke 2-22; Anthony Ice 1-10; Logan Hartshorn 1-2.

INTERCEPTIONS: Riverside-None. Parkersburg-Casey Stanley 1-0.

FUMBLES: Riverside-Jake Walker 2-1; Reed Marsico 1-0. Parkersburg-Casey Stanley 1-0.

Riverside (0-2) vs. Parkersburg (2-0)

Date: Sept.2, 2022 • Site: Parkersburg • Stadium: Stadium Field

Attendance: 3000

Kickoff time: 7:30 • End of Game: 10:32 • Total elapsed time: 3:02

Big Reds Hope To Continue Win Streak Versus Warriors On Friday

For the second week in a row the Parkersburg Big Red football team faces a team it has not lost to in a long time when the Riverside Warriors come to town for a 7:30 game at Stadium Field.
Last week PHS faced a St. Albans team it had beaten 14 straight times and not lost to since 1997. The Big Reds kept the streak alive with a 52-0 triumph.
This week the Big Reds meet a Riverside team that it has beaten 13 times in a row and not lost to since 2004 (a 14-11 defeat). PHS and Riverside have had an interesting series which was resumed a year ago after a brief hiatus. While PHS has an 18-5 overall record against the Warriors, they have lost twice in the regular season but then beat them in the playoffs. That happened in both 2000 and 2001. In 1999 PHS beat Riverside in the state championship game by a 31-28 score.
Last year the Big Reds won 31-7 at Riverside, missing a shutout when junior quarterback Jake Walker scored with 1:32 left in the game.
Walker had a game against the Big Reds that he would like to forget as he completed nearly as many passes to Parkersburg defenders as he did his own receivers. The Riverside quarterback completed four of 17 passes for 24 yards with three interceptions.
This year PHS started with a big win over St. Albans, scoring three touchdowns in the first quarter and three more plus a field goal in the second period for a 45-0 halftime lead and coasted to the first ever win for new head coach Matt Kimes.
Riverside started its season at Beckley Woodrow Wilson in nearly the opposite fashion, giving up four touchdowns in the first quarter to the Flying Eagles before staging a big comeback to pull within 28-20 before giving up a field goal with 4:14 left in the contest that proved to be the margin of victory. Riverside scored again with 2:48 left on a 23 yard pass from Walker to 6-foot-7 wide receiver Braydin Ward and added the two-point conversion for the final three-point difference.
In that Beckley game Walker completed 15 of 27 passes for 341 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions. He finished his junior season with 90 completions in 208 attempts for eight touchdowns with 10 interceptions. He also ran for six more scores.
Michael Terrell caught four passes against Beckley for a whopping 215 yards including touchdowns of 82 and 69 yards. Junior Jaylen Symns caught four for 61 yards and Ward had the last TD catch. Brock Jeffries caught three passes for 17 yards and one score. Junior Bishop Hairston was the leading rusher for the Warriors with 60 yards on 13 carries.
Another key player for Riverside, which went 3-7 a year with wins over St. Albans (22-7), South Charleston (22-14) and Lincoln County (33-12). Baria (5-11, 185 sr.) was the team’s leading rusher and tackler a year ago with 760 yards and four touchdowns in eight games while averaging 15 stops per game on defense. Walker led the team a year ago with four interceptions and Ward had seven sacks.
Against St. Albans the Big Reds got 187 yards and two touchdowns passing from David Parsons while Aiydn Cooke led the team with 60 yards rushing and two touchdowns on six carries. Speedy Anthony Ice caught four passes for 93 yards and a score while Casey Stanley, Austin Fleming and Matt Stalnaker all caught a pair of passes.
Defensively the Big Reds were led by Andrew Williamson and A.J. Ellis with seven and six tackles respectively while the team collected nine tackles for loss, recovered three fumbles (one for a TD) and had one interception (by Williamson). They held St. Albans to four first downs, 54 total yards and only seven yards rushing. It was the first shutout by PHS since 2015.
In addition to Stanley’s 46 yard field (tied for third best in school history) and six straight extra points the talented junior averaged a whopping 62.1 yards per kickoff if taking the actual distance instead of the only 60 yards allowed on every touchback (of which he had four). Also the punter, he did not have to use his leg for that duty as PHS did not punt, scoring on all seven of its red zone opportunities.

Warner, Gordon Named To PHS Grid Hall
    A record-setting all-state place-kicker who also happened to be the most consistent punter in Parkersburg High School history as well as a stalwart from nearly 100 years ago are the latest members of the Big Red Football Hall of Fame.
          Tyler Warner who excelled as the special teams leader of the back-to-back 2006-2007 state championship teams and Walter “Red” Gordon who moved from the backfield to anchor both lines and earn all-state honors for the 1924 Big Reds will be inducted into the PHS Hall of Fame on Friday, Sept. 2, prior to the Riverside game at Stadium Field.
          Setting record after record as a junior on the undefeated 2006 state championship Big Red team, Warner continued his excellence as a senior on the 13-1 title squad of coach Bernie Buttrey.
          After handling just the punting chores as a sophomore, the lanky Warner had an all-time season as a junior, kicking 68 points with nine field goals and 41 of 47 extra points. That remains the most points ever scored by a kicker in one season at PHS. He capped that season by setting a school and playoff record 50-yard field goal in the 34-6 state championship win over Martinsburg in Wheeling.
          For his efforts as a junior he was named first team all-state kicker. As a senior he upped his career field goal total to 13 (out of 16 attempts) and finished his career with 133 points, second most all-time. He maintained his incredible consistency as a punter with a 36.5 average as a senior and was named second-team all-state punter. His year-by-year punting averages were 36.6, 36.4 and 36.5 for a career mark of 36.5 yards per kick.
          After an senior basketball season where he served as team captain, Warner went on to Marshall University where he was Conference USA all-freshman kicker in 2008 and played on two bowl championship teams in 2009 (Little Caesar Pizza Bowl) and 2011 (St. Petersburg Bowl). He hit 12 of 15 field goals during his senior season.
          After 10 years of ministering with the Athletes In Action, Warner and his wife Ashley returned to Parkersburg to work in family car dealership business. They have three children, Benjamin (4), Hazel (2) and Timmy (1).
          Gordon started out in the backfield but was quickly moved to the line where he was a two-way standout, earning honors in 1924 for the Big Reds of coach Fred Chenoweth who won five games and tied two with three losses despite allowing just eight touchdowns with four shutouts. The speedy 5-foot-11, 182 pound Gordon was known for tackling runners from behind.
  Moving on to West Virginia University, Gordon was a two-way starter for coach Ira Rodgers and was named captain as a senior in 1930. The Mountaineers went 8-2, 4-3-3 and 5-5 with the former PHS standout on the line. He was a starter in 1928 when WVU upset Pitt 9-6 in the only WVU over the Panthers in a 23 year span from 1924 to 1947. Highlight of his WVU career was the Georgetown game in 1930 when he recovered a fumbled punt in the end zone for the game’s first touchdown in the first quarter. In the second period he blocked a punt which enabled the Mountaineers to hold on for a 14-7 victory.  The three-year WVU letter winner was known as a team leader with fighting spirit. He also played basketball as a senior.

Kimes Era Starts With a Bang;
52-0 Victory Over St. Albans

Statistics / Photographs

With eight different players scoring for the Big Reds, the Matt Kimes coaching era started with a bang Friday night before a crowd of 3,000 at Stadium Field as Parkersburg coasted to a mercy-shortened 52-0 win over visiting St. Albans.
The victory was the 15th in a row for PHS over the Red Dragons and was the first shutout posted by a Big Red team since 2015.
Six different Big Reds found the end zone while Casey Stanley kicked a 46 yard field goal, six extra points and Conner Gribble added one conversion.
Aiydn Cooke scored two touchdowns and was the leading rusher with 60 yards on six carries for the winners, who scored three touchdowns in the first quarter and collected three more in the second.
Anthony Ice, Austin Fleming, Matt Stalnaker, David Parsons and Logan Hartshorn also had touchdowns as PHS posted its most impressive victory since 2009 (68-14 over Beckley).
As a team the Big Reds had 335 yards total on just 42 plays while holding St. Albans to just four first downs, seven yards rushing and 54 yards in total offense. Junior quarterback David Parsons threw for wo touchdowns and ran for another as he completed 10 of 13 passes for 187 yards with Ice being the leading receiver with four catches for 93 yards. The Red and White defense collected one interception and recovered three fumbles, one for a touchdown.
The game started with PHS forcing the visitors to punt after three plays netted minus one yard and the defense nearly blocked the kick. The punt went one yard from scrimmage and the Big Reds took over on the St. Albans 20 yard line. Three plays later Parsons tossed a shovel pass to Ice, who sped around left end for the score with 8:58 left on the first quarter clock.
Another quick score followed three plays later when Fleming picked up a fumble and raced 20 yards for a touchdown with 7:28 showing.
A Big Red fumble gave St. Albans the ball near midfield and a 20 yard pass completion enabled the visitors to move close enough to try a field goal from 33 yards out but the kick was short.
Ice and Parsons hooked up on a 67 yard completion one play later which led to a 17 yard scoring pass to Matt Stalnaker with Stanley’s kick making is 21-0 with 14 seconds left in the first quarter.
An interception by Andrew Williamson put the Parkersburg offense back on the field one play later and it took just two plays to reach the end zone again as Fleming caught a 26 yard pass that set up a 15 yard run by Cooke for a 28-0 lead with just 12:08 elapsed in the contest.
A quarterback keeper for 14 yards produced score number five and that was followed by a two yard run by Hartshorn that was set up with completions of 25 yards to Stanley and 12 yards to Fleming.
St. Albans fumbled the ensuing kickoff and four plays later Stanley, who put eight kickoffs into the end zone, to kick a 46 yard field goal with 12 seconds left in the second quarter to make it 45-0. The kick tied the record for the third-longest in school history.
The third quarter saw PHS run the ball 10 times while throwing it just three with sophomore Cooper Cancade coming on to attempt two of them (completing one for six yards).
Content to run the ball in the fourth quarter with a running clock, PHS scored on a two yard run by Cooke with 10:15 remaining and Gribble’s PAT made the final margin of 52.
The Big Reds did not have to punt in the contest and scored on all seven of their possessions in the red zone.

Score by Quarters    1   2   3   4 -  Total

St. Albans              0   0   0   0 -  0

Parkersburg        21 24   0   7 -  52

Qtr Time Scoring play

1st 07:28 PHS - Anthony Ice 8 yd pass from David Parsons (Casey Stanley kick), 3-15 2:29

07:28 PHS - Austin Fleming 20 yd fumble recovery (Casey Stanley kick)

00:14 PHS - Matt Stalnaker 17 yd pass from David Parsons (Casey Stanley kick), 3-80 1:38

2nd 11:52 PHS - Aiydn Cooke 15 yd run (Casey Stanley kick), 2-41 0:16

07:00 PHS - David Parsons 14 yd run (Casey Stanley kick), 4-36 2:53

01:42 PHS - Logan Hartshorn 2 yd run (Casey Stanley kick), 6-49 2:57

00:12 PHS - Casey Stanley 46 yd field goal, 5--2 1:18

4th 10:15 PHS - Aiydn Cooke 2 yd run (Conner Gribble kick), 7-44 5:14

STA            PHS

FIRST DOWNS                                4                  16

RUSHES-YARDS (NET)                 23-7            27-142

PASSING YDS (NET)                      47               193

Passes Att-Comp-Int                          11-4-1         15-11-0

TOTAL OFFENSE PLAYS-YARDS  34-54          42-335

Fumble Returns-Yards                       0-0             1-20

Punt Returns-Yards                           0-0              1-11

Kickoff Returns-Yards                       3-45            1-27

Interception Returns-Yards                0-0              1-0

Punts (Number-Avg)                         4-24.0        0-0.0

Fumbles-Lost                                     4-3              1-1

Penalties-Yards                                  7-40            11-84

Possession Time                                20:54          24:45

Third-Down Conversions                  0 of 7          1 of 5

Fourth-Down Conversions                0 of 1         2 of 3

Red-Zone Scores-Chances                 0-1              7-7

Sacks By: Number-Yards                   2-16            1-14

RUSHING: St. Albans-Devin Silvas 3-27; Eli Littlejohn 6-11; Jake Shears 1-1; Harley Roy 6-minus 2; Andrew Thomas 2-minus 14; Elijah Samples 5-minus 16. Parkersburg-Aiydn Cooke 6-60; Logan Hartshorn 12-49; Dylan Stone 2-24; Xavier Robinson 2-15; David Parsons 5-minus 6.

PASSING: St. Albans-Elijah Samples 3-10-1-43; Andrew Thomas 1-1-0-4. Parkersburg-David Parsons10-13-0-187; Cooper Cancade 1-2-0-6.

RECEIVING: St. Albans-Jake Shears 2-20; Eli Littlejohn 1-23; Ethan Edge 1-4. Parkersburg-Anthony Ice4-93; Casey Stanley 2-44; Austin Fleming 2-38; Matt Stalnaker 2-16; Andrew Stalnaker 1-2.

INTERCEPTIONS: St. Albans-None. Parkersburg-Andrew Williamson 1-0.

FUMBLES: St. Albans-Elijah Samples 2-1; Andrew Thomas 1-1; Harley Roy 1-1. Parkersburg-David Parsons 1-1.

St. Albans (0-1) vs. Parkersburg (1-0)

Date: Aug 26, 2022 • Site: Parkersburg • Stadium: Stadium Field

Attendance: 3000

Kickoff time: 7:30 • End of Game: 9:45 • Total elapsed time: 2:15

Big Reds Want To Continue Long Win Streak Versus St. Albans In Opener Friday

The 2022 Parkersburg Big Red football team will open its season Friday, Aug. 26, at home against a St. Albans team it has not played since 2017 and has not lost to since 1997.
The Matt Kimes era will begin it’s tenure against a team that the Big Reds have played 22 times overall and lost to only four times. St. Albans will have a new head coach in Willie Washington, a 30-year coaching veteran who takes over a program which has not had a winning season since 2007 when the Red Dragons of coach Derek Christiansen lost to the Parkersburg Big Reds 22-15 in the state championship game. Washington is a 1989 graduate of St. Albans and is a former assistant as his alma mater under Steve Stoffel and Scott Tinsley.
Meanwhile the Big Reds will be coached by 1996 PHS all-stater Matt Kimes, who moved over from near-by Warren Local (O.) when Mike Byus decided to call it quits after five years at the helm. Kimes had a 16-14 record in three years at Warren including the school’s first ever playoff victory in 2020.
It will be the 23rd meeting overall between the two teams with PHS having won the last 14 in a row dating back to 1997. The last St. Albans win was 13-7 in 1997.
PHS is coming off a 4-6 season, barely missing the playoffs again after a two-point defeat at the hands of quarterfinalist George Washington. St. Albans was 3-7 a year ago, beating Nitro 6-3 and Ripley 26-14 as well as upsetting Capital 27-19.
St. Albans returns two second-team All-MSAC players in senior linebacker Elijah Edge (5-11, 210) and sophomore running back Eli Littlejohn (5-5, 175) as well as honorable mention linebacker Ashton Spangler (6-0, 220 sr.).
The Red Dragons will be buoyed by two Capital transfers in junior Bryson Brown at tackle and sophomore Darion Davis at nose tackle. Another key addition for St. Albans is junior Eli Samples, a basketball standout who is coming out for football for the first time to play quarterback. The Dragons also have a freshman Harley Roy who is considered a talented running back while Spangler and senior Kaden Foster are the top receivers.
Washington feels St. Albans strength will be its defense anchored by Davis at the nose and the linebacker positions. The secondary should be led by junior Chris Hall and sophomore Bryson Sowards who played some safety last year before leaving the team but the new coach got him to come back for this season.
The Big Reds will be led by senior Austin Fleming, the team’s sixth-leading tackler a year ago from his end position with 42 stops including nine tackles for loss and four sacks to go with an interception. He was also the team’s third-leading rusher a year ago and scored one touchdown. He was honorable mention All-MSAC.
Also back for PHS is Casey Stanley, a versatile junior who looks to pick up where he left off a year ago when he made honorable mention all-state and special honorable mention all-conference. He caught 12 passes for 138 yards and one touchdown while also making 36 tackles and collecting three interceptions (one for a touchdown) with a team-high six pass break-ups and returned a fumble 84 yards for a score. He also kicked three of four field goals with a long of 44 yards and made 28 of 29 conversion kicks while averaging 37.5 yards per punt. Overall he scored 55 points.
The Big Reds have shown the ability to move the ball through the air and move it quickly with junior quarterback David Parsons returning as well as receivers Stanley, Anthony Ice, Logan Hartshorn, Andrew and Matthew Stalnaker along with senior speedster Quayvon Cyrus who missed most of last year with an injury.
Parsons threw for 1,340 yards as a sophomore, the second highest total ever for a Big Red sophomore (behind Marc Kimes’ 1,406 total in 1999). He completed 56.6 percent of his 196 passes and threw for five long-distance scores in two scrimmages.
Last year Ice, who is the fastest Big Red, caught 17 passes for 156 yards while Hartshorn had 12 catches for 147 and Andrew Stalnaker caught 10 for 149 yards and two touchdowns.
Defensively, in addition to Fleming and Stanley, Hartshorn, the Stalnaker twins and Grant Snyder provide a solid nucleus.


Big Reds Use Long Ball Plays Again In Scrimmage Standoff With Wheeling Park

WHEELING – To use an old baseball term, the Parkersburg Big Red football team played long ball here Friday evening in a game-like scrimmage which lasted a full half for the varsity squad.
In the final tune-up for next Friday’s Aug. 26 home season opener against St. Albans, the Big Reds turned in three long scoring plays against the pre-season 12th-ranked Park Patriots. PHS, under first-year head coach Matt Kimes, then held on to finish in a standoff against Park, after accomplishing the same feat last week against fourth-ranked Bridgeport.
Played under game conditions without special team plays (no kickoffs with offenses starting from their own 30 if after a score and no punt returns) the workout saw the Big Reds score on each of their first three possessions while stopping Park on its first try before allowing three touchdowns with the final coming with 2:40 left to play.
The Big Reds started the scrimmage on offense and went 70 yards in eight plays with junior David Parsons throwing a 46 yard touchdown pass to Anthony Ice with 3:11 run off the clock. Casey Stanley then kicked the first of his three extra points.
A big stop by Austin Fleming keyed a PHS defense that stopped the hosts on the Parkersburg 34 yard line two yards short of a first down on a fourth down play.
Four plays later Parsons found Ice in stride again for a 67 yard pass over the middle and another touchdown with 4:47 left in the first quarter.
Wheeling responded with a touchdown on its own in just seven plays with four of them being passes including the final one from 12 yards out with 1:17 on the clock.
A 13-yard run by Logan Hartshorn helped start PHS on its third scoring drive. A 23-yard pass to Fleming was another big play on the seven-play drive that was capped when Fleming caught a pass up the middle, broke a tackle and raced 34 yards to the end zone for a two touchdown advantage with 10:10 left to play.
Wheeling came back to score on a 10-play drive that was highlighted by a 35 yard pass and ended on a one yard plunge by the tailback with 6:19 remaining.
The Big Reds had to punt on their next series and Wheeling drove 55 yards on eight plays alternating between the run and pass. The touchdown came on a one yard run with 2:40 left to play.
PHS started its final series with an eight-yard pass completion but was then hit with three straight penalties and had to punt with Stanley getting off a 56 yard kick. Wheeling was able to only run two plays before time expired.
Parsons completed seven of 13 passes for 192 yards and three touchdowns. Ice had two receptions for 113 yards.
The junior varsity squads played two series each under the 10-play format.

PHS Passing Game Shines In Scrimmage

Parkersburg opened the Matt Kimes era of Big Red football with a scrimmage Saturday morning against perennial powerhouse Bridgeport, which was a Class AAA semifinalist a year ago.
The controlled workout saw the teams run 10 plays each with their varsity squads and then repeated that format before turning to a down-and-distance format.
Each team scored once during two sets of the 10-play format and then each scored once during the two sets of down-and-distance before letting the junior varsity squads finish up the two hour scrimmage.
The Big Reds showed their outstanding passing ability throughout the varsity formats as junior quarterback David Parsons completed 14 of 19 passes for 203 yards and two touchdowns. He hooked up with Matt Stalnaker on a 52-yard scoring play which saw Stalnaker break a tackle and get a clearing block from Casey Stanley. He later connected with Stanley on a 37-yard pass where he hit the junior receiver in stride at the goal line. Stanley had five receptions for 94 yards on the day and kicked two extra points.

Bridgeport, running from their single-wing, unbalanced line offense, scored on a 65 yard run on the second play of the scrimmage and later added a short TD run after a 51 yard scamper by their quarterback, who faked a handoff by putting the ball behind his back and then raced around right end before Quayvon Cyrus ran him down from behind at the six yard line.
The Big Reds will travel to Wheeling Park on Thursday for their final pre-season scrimmage at 6 p.m.

Big Red Football Family Loses One of Biggest Supporters as Pat Minnite Sr. Passes at Age 82

The Parkersburg Big Red football family lost one of its greatest contributors and supporters yesterday with the passing of Pat Minnite Sr.
To show you how much of an impact he had in over 50 years of service he is to be inducted into the PHS Football Hall of Fame at the season opening game at Stadium Field on Aug. 26 against St. Albans.

From the left, Tanner Minnite and his grandparents Judy and Pat Minnite, pose with Richard Adams of United Bank at the 2022 Sour Mash Golf Tournament. Pat Minnite died on Friday. (Photo Provided)

By Jess Mancini
Parkersburg News & Sentinel

PARKERSBURG — A developer who became known for his philanthropy in the Mid-Ohio Valley passed away on Friday.
Pat Minnite of the PM Company was 82.
Minnite was the son of Italian immigrants who settled in Harrison County after World War I. He moved to Ohio and attended school where he learned to design buildings.
Minnite and his wife Judy married in 1961 and moved to Vienna where he started the business that eventually became the PM Company, purchasing and developing properties throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley.
“Our dad’s favorite quote he lived by: ‘What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say,'” the Minnite family said in a statement. “His actions of love and commitment touched the lives of so many. People mattered to him. His family was everything to him. This community blessed him and he blessed this community. His goodness will last forever.”
The Minnites and the PM Company in 2007 created the Spirit of Giving initiative through the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation. Through the Spirit of Giving, $121,000 was raised in 2021.
“My sympathies are with the family,” said Judy Sjostedt, executive director of the PACF.
Minnite was a “wonderful gentleman” who helped many people and organizations in the region through the Spirit of Giving, she said.
“What a huge loss for our community,” she said.
Pat and Judy Minnite were honored this year by the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio which dedicated the 2022 Sour Mash golf tournament to the Minnites.
“His philanthropy was genuine. His generosity came from the heart and he led his family and his company with that heart for humanity,” said Stacy DeCicco, executive director of the United Way Alliance. “His example of community stewardship was a shining beacon of what is possible when we choose to make a difference for others.
“Pat and Judy are such special people to this community and there will be an inevitable void, but I know that his legacy and spirit will live on because he set such an authentic example for all of us,” DeCicco said.
Minnite’s friends remembered him as a dedicated family man who loved the community.
Former Wood County Commissioner W.C. “Bill” Parrish has dealt with Minnite for 38 years, mostly for carpet.
“We never had any kind of contract other than a handshake,” Parrish said.
“What a great friend he was,” Parrish said. “And what a loss he will be for the community.”
County Commissioner Jimmy Colombo called Minnite a great friend who was dedicated and proud of his family. The Colombo and Minnite families are connected by marriage.
“He was the kind of person who could take adversity and turn it into something positive,” Colombo said.
Minnite was among the greatest people “to ever be in the Mid-Ohio Valley,” Vienna Mayor Randy Rapp said.
“He and his companies and family have done more for this family and the growth of this valley than anyone that I personally know of,” Rapp said. “And he was a gentleman at all times. Truly a terrific person.”
Ditto from Parkersburg Mayor Tom Joyce.
“Pat Minnite was an absolutely wonderful person. His generosity and kindness touched so many lives, especially young people,” Joyce said. “His efforts with recreation and youth activities alone impacted generations.
“Many times over the past several years I would comment to him what a wonderful family he had, and he would smile,” Joyce said. “His family was his greatest achievement, and he was so proud.”

Stressing Tradition Kimes Says Big Reds Must Improve Defense In 2022
By Greg Carey, WV Metronews
When Matt Kimes took over as Parkersburg’s football coach in March, he started to look over what the Big Reds had done well and where things went wrong during a 4-6 season in 2021.
One thing stuck out to Kimes above the rest.
“Defensively, we have to get better,” Kimes said. “We gave up over 33 points a game last year. Number one and foremost, that’s what we’re trying to stress is we have to be able to stop people first.”
Kimes spent the last three years as the head football coach at nearby Warren High School in Ohio and was an assistant for six seasons at Parkersburg South for six seasons before that.
But the 1997 PHS graduate has strong ties to the Big Reds, and over his first few months, Kimes worked to ensure his staff does, too.
“I was able to put a solid staff together and out of the 14 guys on staff, 10 of them are former Big Reds,” Kimes said. “That was important to me. Those guys understand the tradition and pride that we’re trying to instill in the kids and it’s been a good process so far.”
Kimes believes the benefit of having a coaching staff comprised of majority Parkersburg graduates is two-fold.
“There’s been separation from community and team a little bit, so getting the coaches that have lived it, been there and done it at a high level helped the community rally around the team a little bit better for whatever reason,” he said. “I don’t know the exact reason for that, but they trust the Big Reds that have been there before and done it, and been successful at it. The guys that are on staff have won state championships, played in big-time playoff games and they’ve seen it done at a high level. They know what it takes to get back there.”
A year ago, in what was Mike Byus’ fifth and final season overseeing the PHS program, the Big Reds finished No. 20 in Class AAA after allowing at least 28 points in all six losses and 34-plus points in an equal number of games.
The need for defensive improvement may not have been more evident in any game than Parkersburg’s final one of the season — a 56-52 victory at Musselman that prevented the team from finishing with seven setbacks.
“We’re trying to get our best guys on defense and change their mentality,” Kimes said. “When I first got there, I’d go talk to kids about what their positions were and a lot of them were offensive-minded only. I’ve been trying to change that concept of what they’re thinking to make sure we get our best guys out on the field defensively.
“We did pretty well in some 7 on 7s, but you guys all know, winning games down to blocking and tackling. We’ll find out here in a hurry whether we’re good at that, and that’ll tell us how good we’re going to be. If we stay healthy, I like our guys and I think we have a chance to compete.”
For as much as defensive improvement is necessary for Parkersburg to return to the postseason, the Big Reds also need to replace one of the more decorated players in program history in Bryson Singer.
Offensively, Singer primarily played quarterback, though his versatility allowed him to carry and receive the ball as well.
He finished as the program’s all-time all-purpose yardage leader, and Singer’s departure leaves a void on both sides of the ball as he was recognized for his defensive prowess by being named captain of the first-team all-state defense as a utility selection as a senior.
“They were kind of centered around one guy and that guy was pretty good,” Kimes said. “Anytime you lose your all-time all-purpose leader in school history, you have some holes to fill, but we’re going to kind of do it by committee. We have a lot of different guys that we can spread the ball around to.
“Our quarterback, David Parsons, is a talented kid. He has a big arm. He got to play some last year when they moved Singer around to receiver and running back, so he has some experience on Friday nights, which is important. We have a bunch of sophomores that played last year, so those kids are all juniors and they have some Friday night experience as well. I’m excited to see those guys go out and compete.”

Strange Comes Back To Talk To Big Reds

What a great night for our Big Red Football Family tonight!!
Brenton Strange, #86 TE, Penn St University delivered an inspirational message to the guys on Thursday.
He talked about his journey from the Vienna Wildcats, Jackson Generals, PHS, to Penn St. He told our guys to dream big and never stop chasing those dreams.
My favorite moment was when he spoke about how every Friday night when he’s hanging in his hotel room getting ready for his game the following day, he always checks to see how the Big Reds are doing.
Like I tell the kids everyday, IT MATTERS to so many people.
He even jumped in and did a few drills and showed the guys some techniques he’s learned.
Thanks Brenton
Once a Big Red, Always a Big Red!!
...Coach Kimes

Big Reds Looking To Return To Top Of Triple-A Football Mountain

By Jay W. Bennett
Parkersburg News & Sentinel
PARKERSBURG — The last time the Big Reds of Parkersburg High School reigned supreme on the gridiron in Class AAA was following back-to-back state championships in 2006-07 under Bernie Buttrey.
However, since then the Big Reds have tasted just one postseason victory and that came in 2018 during the Mike Byus era.
Matt Kimes, now in his first season leading PHS, was a member of the coaching staff with Buttrey and his plans are to try and get the red and white back atop the triple-A landscape.
“We’ve got a lot accomplished,” admitted Kimes so far of the offseason as his team had last week off and will be off this week due to the mandated three-week summer coaching period rules.
“I think we’ve figured out, starting to figure out roles. Kids understand the new expectations and are buying in. Consequently we are playing for the right reasons and for each other. We’re excited about the season.”
PHS already has been to a trio of 7-on-7 tournaments — St. Marys, the Mountain State Athletic Conference’s at Riverside and then one at Pittsburgh.
“We lost our first two pool play games and had a heart to heart and went on a five-game winning streak and made it to the finals of our bracket before losing to a really good team from D.C.,” Kimes said of the 7-on-7 in Pittsburgh.
“The kids showed that when they play like they are capable we are capable of being pretty good. Winning football games obviously comes down to blocking and tackling a lot of times.”
The Big Red defense will be out to improve upon a 33.2 points allowed per game average. The red and white also allowed more than 400 total yards a game last year.
That included allowing more than 218 stripes on the ground with a 5.5 yards per carry average.
Defense is definitely going to be a key, but the Big Reds only return three of their top 10 tacklers — Austin Fleming (6th), Chris Salyers (8th) and Casey Stanley (10th).
Fleming tied for the team lead with four sacks and paced PHS with five quarterback pressures. Stanley tied for the team lead with three interceptions.
Although the coaching staff started with a four front, they’ve shifted to a 3-3-5 stack because the depth on the defensive line isn’t quite as deep as other positions.
Kimes said they should be in the high 60s or lower 70s for players and that includes a freshman group of nearly 30. Along with a full junior varsity schedule, the Big Reds also will have a freshman squad.
“I don’t think it’s set in stone. Whatever gets our best guys on the field,” Kimes said of the defense. “I think we have the ability to jump into a four front when we need to.
“As coaches what we are always trying to do is what works best for us and what works best to stop other people. You got to be able to do both.”
David Parsons is expected to lead the offense. As a sophomore, the signal-caller completed nearly 57% of his attempts. He threw for 1,340 yard with 12 touchdowns and six interceptions.
Anthony Ice, Logan Hartshorn, Stanley and Andrew Stalnaker are expected to be his top targets.
“Our goal is to be a state champion and we talk about it every day. If you don’t talk about that I think you are selling yourselves short,” admitted the coach. “We’ve been grinding since the last week of May.
“We got a two week break. I said use this time to recharge, refocus and get our priorities in order. Once July 11 hits, football has to be our top priority to get to where we want to be.”
Parkersburg plans to compete in two more 7-on-7 events — one in New Lexington and hopefully one at Fairmont State.
“We’ve got to get on the same page with our verbiage,” Kimes stressed. “Just a learning process, but football is football. It’s a matter of us being able to communicate to the kids what we want and when we want it. We understand as a coaching staff it’s going to take patience. They are going to mess up and you just have to learn from your mistakes.”
The Big Reds will open the campaign with a pair of home games at Stadium Field. St. Albans is set to invade on Friday, Aug. 26 with Riverside coming to town the following week.

Kimes Becomes Big Red Coach

Matt Kimes has come home.

During Tuesday’s Wood County Board of Education meeting, former Warren High head football coach Matt Kimes was approved as the new head football coach for the Parkersburg High School Big Reds.

Kimes leaves Warren after three seasons, in which he oversaw the Warriors’ first ever state playoff appearances. His teams went 6-4, 7-2 and 3-8.

He replaces Mike Byus, who in five full seasons with Parkersburg won 29 games, and led the Big Reds to four playoff appearances.

Kimes went to Parkersburg High School, making first team all-state in 1996 when he rushed for 1,156 yards. The Big Reds made the playoffs all three years he played, winning 25 of 35 games and advancing to the state finals once.

He is excited to return to be their head football coach.

“As a former student and player at Parkersburg High School,” Kimes said. “Left for a few years and now coming back to your alma mater, I think is a truly special feeling, and I’m very excited to get started.”


St. Albans Only New Opponent On PHS 2022 Football Schedule
Only one new team appears on the 2022 Parkersburg Big Red football schedule as familiar opponent St. Albans returns after a three-year absence.
The Big Reds will be under a new, yet unidentified head coach, when the open the season Aug. 26 with a home game against St. Albans. The Big Reds last met the Red Dragons in 2017 when they notched their 13th straight victory against their Mt. State Athletic Conference rival. PHS has not lost to the Dragons since 1997.
St. Albans replaces Hurricane on the PHS schedule, which includes six teams which made the playoffs and four with losing records (including St. Albans, which had a 3-7 record). Musselman and Riverside return to meet the Big Reds after having records of 3-7 and Capital is back after a rare losing season (2-8 a year ago).
Heading the list of opponents is state runner-up Huntington, the number one ranked regular season team a year ago. Also on the card is number five Cabell Midland, number seven Spring Valley, number nine George Washington, number 12 South Charleston and 15th ranked Parkersburg South (which moves up to the third week of the regular season with the game scheduled at Erickson).
Following in the complete schedule:
PHS 2022 Football Schedule
(all games 7:30 unless noted)
Aug. 26 – St. Albans
Sept. 2 – Riverside
Sept. 16 – at Park. South (7:00)
Sept. 23 – at Cabell Midland (7:00)
Sept. 30 – at George Washington
Oct. 7 – South Charleston
Oct. 14 – at Huntington
Oct. 21 – at Capital
Oct. 28 – Spring Valley
Nov. 4 – Musselman (7:00)

Byus Bids Farewell at PHS Banquet
Head coach Mike Byus bid farewell to the 2022 Parkersburg Big Red seniors and announced his retirement Sunday night at the annual football banquet held at the Grand Pointe Conference Center.
The veteran coach became emotional as he said, “I’m not going to be coming back next year. It’s time to become a grandpa. I love all you players and will miss each and every one of you.”
Byus told his 2021 team members, “You certainly deserved better than the record showed. You worked harder than any group I have had in my five years here but it was just one thing after another. We had five broken legs and a broken ankle. We had three senior returning linebackers but they only got to play two out of 10 games together. In my 38 years of coaching I have never seen anything like what happened this year.”
His five-year record at PHS included 29 wins against 23 defeats with four playoff appearances and the first playoff victory in 11 years with a win over Wheeling Park in 2018. The 2021 Big Red team went 4-6 and missed the playoffs with a 28-24 loss to George Washington. His overall coaching record is 239 wins and 127 defeats. He will return to live with his family in North Carolina, where he won two state championships.
Awards were presented at the banquet with team Most Valuable Player honors going to senior Bryson Singer, who made first team All-Mountain State Athletic Conference and second team all-state.
Offensive Player of the Year honors were shared by Curtis Hayes and Xadrian Snodgrass while Kyle Hall won the Defensive Player of the Year and Zach Howard, who finished his career with 149 career tackles, won the Dave Manzo Award.
Other awards went to: Newcomer – Gabe Martin, Lineman – Jeffery Jones, Heart Award – Carter King and Austin Fleming, Most Improved Offense – Grant Snyder and Kennedy Jeter, Impact Player – David Parsons, Utility Player – Logan Hartshorn and Casey Stanley, Team Player – Christian West and Andrew Williamson.
All-MSAC honorees were recognized. In addition to Singer, Hayes was a first team selection while Howard was a second team pick. Stanley, Snodgrass and Jones were special honorable mentions and Fleming and Parsons were honorable mentions.
Zane Lewis was junior varsity defensive Most Valuable Player and Cyrus Backus was offensive Most Valuable Player.

All-State Has Singer 2nd Team Captain

Big Red senior Bryson Singer has been named second team Class AAA All-state captain of the defensive unit as a utility player.

Singer, who set an all-time PHS record for touchdowns accounted for with 69, was a complete utility player as he amassed 1,584 all-purpose yards while also getting three interceptions and 37 tackles on defense. He had 800 yards rushing, 500 yards receiving, 40 yards on punt returns, 199 yards on kickoff returns and 42 yards on interception returns. He led the team with 16 touchdowns.

Kyle Hall, the team's leading tackler, Curtis Hayes (all-conference lineman) and versatile receiver-defender-kicker Casey Stanley earned honorable mention all-state honors.

The team was selected by the W.Va. Sportswriters Association. State runner-up Huntington landed six players on the first all-state team including freshman defensive back Zah Zah Jackson while state champion Martinsburg had four first-team honorees.

Singer, Hayes Earn First Team All-MSAC

Two Parkersburg Big Reds, seniors Bryson Singer and Curtis Hayes, have been named to the first team of the 2021 coach’s selected All-Mountain State Athletic Conference football team.   
Singer was selected to the first team as a utility player and Hayes as an offensive tackle.
While Hayes was the anchor a line which produced over 24 points and 285 yards per game, Singer did a bit of everything for the Big Reds. The 6-foot-3 Singer ran for 805 yards, caught 34 passes for another 500 yards and passed for 160 yards and two touchdowns. He scored 16 touchdowns including a 74 yard kickoff return while amassing all-purpose yardage totaling 1,584.  
Named to the second team from PHS was senior utility player Zach Howard. Named to the special mention list was sophomore Casey Stanley along with senior defensive lineman Jeffrey Jones and senior linebacker Xadrian Snodgrass. Austin Fleming and David Parsons were named honorable mention.
Howard ranked second on the team with 81 tackles while playing in nine games while Stanley kicked three field goals and 28 of 29 extra points (one was blocked) while also averaging 37.5 yards per punt and scored three touchdowns (one receiving, one interception return and one fumble return). Jones was third on the team with 72 tackles, including 13 for loss while coming up with four sacks. Snodgrass averaged six tackles per game and had two sacks. Fleming had 42 tackles, nine behind the line of scrimmage along with four sacks, an interception and five quarterback hurries. Parsons threw for 1,340 yards with 12 touchdowns while completing 57 percent of his 196 passes.
Spring Valley senior Ty Bartrum was named Player of the Year and Huntington’s Billy Seals was named Coach of the Year.
Bartrum tied for the state lead in touchdown receptions during the regular season with 15 as he caught 50 passes for 939 yards from quarterback Dalton Fouch, who threw for 33 touchdowns during regular season and playoffs. Seals, in his 13th season, guided the Highlanders to a 10-0 record and number one ranking before falling to Martinsburg in the state championship game.

Season Recap - What IF and Records Set

The 2021 football season has come to a close for the Parkersburg Big Reds and it will go down as the year they missed making the playoffs by just a little more than a yard.
While it will be remembered as the season of what ifs and injuries and it will also be remembered as a season of more than interesting moments and a lot of names that were entered in the record books.
A 28-24 loss to George Washington in the ninth game of the season happened as the Big Reds failed to score after coming up with a first-and-goal situation from inside the two yard line with less than a minute remaining and that loss knocked the team out of a playoff chance. Had PHS won the GW game and then pulled off their miracle comeback against Musselman the following week the Big Reds would have finished as the 13th ranked team in the state and made a trip to Morgantown to play third-ranked and undefeated University in the first round of the playoffs.
Although it is easy to point to that one series of downs as the crucial point of the season fans will remember the 2021 season as a roller coaster ride with ups and downs thanks mainly to a large number of injuries to key players which began in game one against eventual undefeated and top-ranked Huntington.
The Big Reds lost six games this season, all six to teams which made the playoffs and even beat one team, Parkersburg South, which made the post season. Seven of the teams on their schedule finished ranked in the top 15, four in the top nine and four of them advanced to at least the quarterfinals of the playoffs.
Between injuries, illness and suspensions the Big Reds lost at various times its leading receiver, running back, top tackler, most experienced lineman and other starters. Add to that some nagging injuries which players shook off and continued to perform and you have a season that had the coaches’ working overtime just to fill positions on the field.
There were some outstanding individual performances during the season with players like Bryson Singer, David Parsons, Casey Stanley, Logan Hartshorn and Xadrian Snodgrass all putting their names in the record books.
In fact, Singer can now be found 39 times in the updated records and that does not include the fact that he is the only player in PHS history to run and throw for 1,000 yards in a single season (accomplished as a sophomore). Had he not played at least half his senior season as a wide receiver he may have become only the second player in school history to rush for over 1,000 yards three times (John Richards being the only one to accomplish that feat).
Singer’s career came to an end with him being the all-time leader in touchdowns accounted for as he scored 38 times and passed for 31 touchdowns to pass Marc Kimes and Matt Lindamood on the list. Lindamood ran for 68 touchdowns while Kimes ran for 15 scores and passed for 52 more for a total of 67.
Singer finished second all-time in total offense with 5,538 yards (2,158 passing and 3,380 rushing) to trail only Kimes with 6,171 (5,317 of it passing). He finished third all-time in rushing with 3,380 yards to trail Lindamood (4,211) and Richards (3,955). He was fourth in career TD passes thrown with 31 despite playing quarterback only sparingly as a senior. He was sixth in career completions with 151, seventh in career passing yards with 2,158 and ninth in career points scored with 228.
A senior season which saw him play multiple positions produced a team-high 803 yards rushing to go with 160 yards passing and 500 yards receiving (on 34 receptions). Singer scored a team-high 16 touchdowns (10 rushing, five receiving and one kickoff return). He had 1,584 all-purpose yards with 40 coming on punt returns, 199 on kickoff returns and 42 on three interception returns.
Sophomore Parsons wound up with 1,340 yards passing (111 of 196 for 57% with 12 touchdowns and six interceptions). He had three games over 240 yards passing including one game with 25 completions and is in the top 10 all-time with 121 completions already for his career.
Another sophomore, Stanley, put his name in the record books six times including a fourth-best ever 84 yard fumble recovery touchdown run. His 44 yard field goal is eighth best all-time while he now has 73 career kicking points for the ninth best total. His 37 kicking points this year (3 of 4 field goals and 28 of 29 extra points) is in the top 20 and his 72 yard interception return also made the list as 16th best mark ever. His 37.5 punting average was the ninth best mark in school history.
Hartshorn put his name in the books with his nine receptions against South Charleston while Snodgrass and his 70 yard touchdown run versus Musselman is the 18th best all-time.
Snodgrass finished as the team’s second-leading rusher this year with 391 yards despite missing three games with injuries while Stanley tied for the team-high with three interceptions. Carter King played just four games because of injuries but caught 19 passes for the second best total on the team and four of them went for touchdowns.
Defensively, Kyle Hall led the team with 100 tackles including three sacks and 18 tackles for loss. He also forced three fumbles. Zach Howard had 81 tackles in nine games while Jeffery Jones had 72 including four sacks and 13 behind the line of scrimmage. Gabe Martin (51), Kennedy Jeter (48), Austin Fleming (42), Snodgrass (42), Chris Salyers (40), Singer (37) and Stanley (36) rounded out the top 10 tacklers. Fleming also had four sacks.

Bryson Singer "Mr. Versatile"

By Rick ryan. Charleston Gazette

So, just how versatile is Parkersburg senior Bryson Singer?
Well, consider that he led the Mountain State Athletic Conference in rushing last season with 1,235 yards ... as a quarterback. Oh, and he also caught an 85-yard touchdown pass against Jefferson.
Yes, the 6-foot-3, 210-pound senior might be one of the most multi-faceted players in West Virginia, and Big Reds coach Mike Byus seems determined to find out just how many positions Singer can play this season.
"He's very versatile,'' Byus said. "We're going to play him everywhere, provided he's healthy. Bryson's going to play defense, Bryson's going to play different positions offensively. You don't actually have to put him at running back because when he's a quarterback, he's basically a running back from the quarterback position.''
Singer averaged better than 154 rushing yards per game as a junior and also threw for 687 yards and 11 touchdowns as Parkersburg went 6-2 and earned the No. 8 seed for the Class AAA playoffs. However, due to Wood County's COVID-19 status that week, the Big Reds weren't able to play their first-round game against Spring Mills and their season ended that way.
It's not like Singer suddenly turned into a Swiss army knife a year ago. Even as a sophomore, he flashed his all-around skills, rushing for 1,342 yards and seven TDs and passing for 1,311 yards and 16 scores. That's 241 yards of total offense per game.
But Byus appears more intent on using Singer all over the field this season, especially since promising sophomore David Parsons figures to get some run at quarterback.
"I've been hearing, 'Put him at running back,' but you know teams set their defenses to running backs,'' Byus said. "They don't necessarily count on the quarterback to run, but now with him they do at this point. Having him there as a dual threat [at quarterback], it's just different than sticking him at running back. And he's a heck of a receiver -- great hands.
"He can play outside linebacker and can play inside linebacker, actually, if we wanted him to. He can play safety -- strong or free. He's just so versatile, and talented in a lot of different areas. We took him to several camps and he played corner some since he's long and rangy. He covered everybody they threw at him just because of his length.''
Big Reds track coach Rod O'Donnell had the same experience with Singer competing on his squad, which won the AAA state title in June -- Singer can do so many things that O'Donnell wasn't sure exactly which events Singer should enter.
"I think that's been part of the recruiting process as well,'' Byus said of college football programs taking a look at Singer. "They're not sure where they want to use him, so I think it's actually slowed down the recruiting a little bit.
"And we haven't been able to train him in about a month now with some nagging injuries, like his hamstring. We're just hoping he gets healthy so we can utilize the 100% Bryson Singer. A healthy Bryson Singer will really help us a bunch, I can tell you that.''
Moving Singer around, and not relying on him to take every snap at quarterback, will allow Byus to employ him more on defense. Typically, Byus doesn't like to use his starting QB on defense, a move followed by many Class AAA coaches. Last year, Singer had 13 total tackles and one interception in eight games.
"We don't normally do that,'' Byus said. "Maybe in spots. This year, we've got a young man [Parsons] who does a great job swinging it around, so that's why we're going to use Bryson some at wideout, and we'll utilize his talents in different ways and see how that progresses.''

Playoff Game With Spring Mills Cancelled Due To County Orange Color Code

Big Reds Hope To Host Spring Mills Sunday If County COVID Color Rating Comes Down By Saturday

The Parkersburg Big Red football team needs help from all of Wood County if it is to participate in the 2020 Class AAA playoffs.
Given a second chance to participate in the Class AAA football playoffs thanks to a policy change by the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission the Parkersburg Big Reds were not only to be allowed to play but play at home – if Wood County can lower its COVID-19percent of positivity rate to below 5.0. It currently stands at 5.10.
The 6-2 Big Reds finished the regular season ranked eighth in the final ratings but Wood County is currently coded orange in the state COVID color map and must drop to the next lower level, gold, by next Saturday’s 5 p.m. official map.
If that happens the Big Reds will play host to Spring Mills at 1:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon at Stadium Field. Springs Mills (5-2) finished ninth in the ratings. If the Wood County rating does not come down, PHS will forfeit the game and Spring Mills will advance to the quarterfinals. Berkeley County where Spring Mills is located was orange last week but dropped to gold on Saturday, meaning they can play for sure in the first round.
Spring Mills played the Big Reds last year for the first time in school history and PHS came away a 27-7 winner at Stadium Field. Sam Potts was the standout of that game with four interceptions, including one returned for a touchdown. Bryson Singer ran for 119 yards and one score but Spring Mills was missing its star player, leading rusher and passer, Keon Padmore-Johnson, who sat out the season with an injury.
This year Padmore-Johnson is back for his senior campaign and has been lighting up the stat sheets with incredible numbers. The 5-foot-10, 165 pounder has completed 94 of 130 passes for 1,732 yards with 23 touchdowns and just one interception to lead the entire eastern panhandle. He is the third-leading rusher in that area with 907 yards on just 80 carries (11.3 average) and 10 touchdowns.
It will mark the third time this year the Big Reds have played a team averaging over 40 points per game as the Cardinals are putting up 44 points per contest despite losing to Frankfort (21-20) and cross-town rival Martinsburg (82-27). Four times they have scored more than 50 points in wins over Washington (55-42), Hampshire (55-7), Jefferson (52-28) and Hedgesville (56-0) while traveling four hours to beat Ripley 43-14 on Oct. 16 in their last game.
Last year’s Spring Mills quarterback, Chase Henson, is now a 5-10, 195 pound senior running back with 308 yards rushing on 73 carries (4.2 average) with seven touchdowns. Henson has also caught 22 passes for 303 yards and eight scores while Jake McCarren (5-9, 165 sr.) has 29 catches for 518 yards and seven touchdowns. Jameer Hunter has been the big play man for the Cardinals, averaging a whopping 34.9 yards per catch on his 16 receptions, six of which have wound up in the end zone.
Defensively for Spring Mills, Henson is the leading tackler from his linebacker spot with 80 stops while 160 pound sophomore Sam Stotler is second with 48 and Koz Jackson has 46. Bernard Newman leads the team with three interceptions.
Singer will be trying for his second win over the Cardinals. The 6-foot-3 junior has rushed for 1,235 yards (despite losing 151 on sacks) for a 7.8 average per carry and 14 touchdowns. He has also caught an 85 yards scoring pass. He has passed for 687 yards and 13 scores with eight of them going to Carter King, who has caught 18 passes for 280 yards. The Martin twins, Jordan and Julian, have each caught two TD passes.
Xadrian Snodgrass and Justin Waybright are both averaging 4.8 yards per carry and Snodgrass has four rushing touchdowns.
Defensively, Waybright has 13 sacks and six fumble recoveries to go with 45 tackles while fellow end Austin Fleming has five sacks and seven passes batted down to go with an identical 45 stops. Casey Mahoney leads the team with 75 tackles while Zach Howard is second with 56 tackles and Carter Mills has 46 stops and four interceptions. Keenan Curry has 42 tackles and has returned two interceptions for touchdowns.
While two of the last three PHS opponents had both been scoring over 40 points per game, the Big Reds held Bluefield to one long scoring pass and John Marshall to one long scoring pass and a defensive touchdown. Two weeks ago against first-time ever opponent Jefferson, PHS gave up three scores.

Big Reds Make Playoffs With WVSSAC Policy Change

A last-minute change in the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission football 2020 playoff policy will enable the Parkersburg Big Red football team to be in the playoff picture regardless of the COVID color of Wood County on Nov. 7.

Basically, the Big Reds are assured a spot in the playoffs but must get their color down from its current orange status to gold or better by Nov. 14 in order to play a game on Nov. 15 at 1:30 p.m. If Wood County is orange on red on Nov. 14 the Big Reds would have to forfeit.

Currently it appears PHS will be seeded eighth in the final Class AAA ratings and that means a home game against the ninth ranked team, which appears to be Spring Mills. The final ratings will be announced Sunday and playoff meetings will be held that day to determine final sites, dates and times.

The WVSSAC has announced that football teams from orange and red counties will be included in the playoff field. The top 16 teams will be entered into the brackets. Previously, it was announced that teams from orange and red counties on the state’s COVID metrics map would be excluded and the brackets would be backfilled with teams starting at No. 17 and so on.

To be clear to play however, counties must enter the green, yellow or gold category before game time. To accommodate teams that may still be in an orange or red county on this week’s Saturday 5 p.m. map release, a Sunday option has been introduced. Sunday games would kickoff at 1:30 p.m. If a team’s home county is still unable to enter a green, yellow or gold category, they will be forfeited and their opponent will receive automatic entry into the next round.

On Friday’s daily COVID map, seven of the top sixteen teams in Class AAA would be ineligible under the previous policy.

Big Red greats Greasy Neale & Piggy Barnes prior to 1971 South Game

PHS Can Now Claim 17th State Title

Parkersburg High School has added a 17th state football championship – without playing a game.
While it was well know that the 1911 PHS team went undefeated there was no state championship playoff or even a declaration of a state champion with supporting evidence – until now.
Thanks to supporting evidence from Spalding’s 1911 Official Foot Ball Guide (also titled the Official National Collegiate Athletic Association Football Guide), the PHS team can now lay claim to the West Virginia State Championship Football Title for that season.
On page 251 of the very detailed and complete book, PHS is declared undisputed state champion for that year. The book was found in the University of Michigan library. The book featured scores and rundowns on virtually every college and high school team in the country as well as All-American and All-Conference teams.
The following is the excerpt from page 251 of the book concerning PHS football.
“Parkersburg (W.Va.) High School – The team annexed the undisputed title of state championship during the season of 1911. The eleven completed its schedule of ten games, defeating every opponent by decisive scores. Only once during the season was Parkersburg’s goal line crossed. The strongest contenders for championship honors from each section of the state were defeated by the high school team, as well as two claimants for the Ohio state championship.”
There is even a Parkersburg team picture on page 276 of the book along with a team picture of the high school team from Sistersville.
The football season of 1911 was the last year that touchdowns counted five points and only three downs were allowed to make 10 yards for a first down. It was the same year Jim Thorpe, Pop Warner and the Carlisle Indians upset mighty Harvard on Thorpe’s three field goals. Considered one of the greatest college football upsets of all time.
Parkersburg was coached by B.B. Cooley and led by legendary Earle “Greasy” Neale, who dropkicked three field goals, 16 extra points and caught seven touchdown passes from quarterback Glenn Allen, who went on to play at West Virginia University.
They beat their Alumni 3-0, then traveled to New Martinsville to win 11-0 despite a hidden ball under the jersey trick by the home team. Then came a 24-0 win over Company A of the National Guard, a 17-0 win over Athens followed by successive victories over arch-rival Marietta by scores of 5-0 and then 6-0. The only points allowed during the entire season came in a 12-8 win over northern panhandle power Wheeling. That was followed by a 9-0 triumph over Charleston, a 6-0 victory over Athens and a 45-0 win over Clarksburg WI.
Other key players in 1911 for PHS, which did not officially become the Big Reds until 1915, were Dutch Lehman, Don Berkenstock, Harold Harvey, Charles Penwell and Raymond “Dutch” Neale (Greasy’s brother).

PHS 11th In All-Time Win Rankings

All-Time High School Football Wins

Rank Wins School                         State          Years, Record

1.      940  Valdosta                        GA    (1913-2021, 940-246-34)

2.      927   Louisville Male            KY    (1893-2021, 927-333-49)

3.      920   Massillon Washington OH   (1894-2021, 920-297-36)

4.      919   Mayfield                       KY    (1919-2021, 919-262-32)

5.      911   Ft Thomas Highlands KY    (1915-2021, 911-257-26)

6.      878   Mount Carmel              PA    (1893-2021, 878-336-59)

7.      877   Muskegon                     MI    (1895-2021, 877-284-43)

8.      864   Easton                           PA    (1894-2021, 864-370-54)

9.      859   Canton McKinley        OH    (1894-2021, 859-366-42)

10.    844   Everett                           MA   (1893-2021, 844-378-79)

11.    842   Parkersburg                  WV   (1906-2021, 842-341-33)

12.    836   Hampton                       VA    (1920-2021, 836-280-43)

12.    836   Steubenville                 OH    (1900-2021, 836-328-36)

14.    833   Berwick                         PA    (1888-2021, 833-352-43)

15.    830   Clinton                          OK    (1919-2021, 830-296-38)

The home side finished product!

History of Stadium Field

In the spring of 1923 a group of men got together to form a stadium committee whose sole intent was to build a stadium for the newly constructed Parkersburg High School.
Those men included John S. Echols, President of the Board of Education, C.M. Martin, Sherman Dils, J.H. Biddle, C.T. Hitshaw, Herbert Smith, John Randolph, and Paul L. Summers. The committee was incorporated on July 14, 1923 and became known as the Parkersburg High School Corporation. The process of forming a corporation was necessary because the bonded indebtedness of the Board of Education was then at the peak permitted by law. Also serving on this committee was Fayette Smoot, H.L. Martin, Edward Doesch, H.R. Debussey and W.O. Holiday. The corporation leased the back campus from the Board of Education. It was impossible, according to the law of the time, for such a corporation to build any structure on land owned by a board of education. Therefore, the board had to turn over the land known as Stadium Field, on a 99-year lease to this corporation. The bonds were then released. The money for the bonds was to be recovered through football games and other activities held at the stadium.
The stadium was the first of its kind (concrete) in West Virginia and must have been the first of its kind to be built for the use of tax-supported institution without the investment of a single tax dollar.
The plans were to build one side of the stadium in 1923 and to build the other side the following year. The end of the U-shaped stadium was to be completed in the third year. When finally, completed it was to seat about 13,000 people. The end or bowl section of the stadium was never completed according to plans. The total cost of construction for the two sides was $104,000.
In just one day after the meeting in which the stadium plan was revealed, a total of $33,000 worth of bonds was sold.
In September of 1923 the first concrete was poured for the West stands of the stadium and on Oct. 4, 1923, the first game in the new stadium was played between the Big Reds of Parkersburg High School and Athens, Ohio. The Big Reds won by a 14-13 score. Ticket prices were 25 cents for student seating, 15 cents for student standing room. For the general public, the price was season ticket was $5 for seats and $4 for standing room.
In 1925 the stadium was officially dedicated. As part of the dedication, a race from Parkersburg to Marietta was held.
The installation of the stadium lights during the fall of 1940 made it possible for football games to be played at night. Until that time, most games were played on Saturday afternoon. The lights were installed by the Parkersburg Junior Chamber of Commerce at a cost of $7,000.75. The electric bill for the use of the lights was $3.25 per hour or about $10 for each game.
The lights were put in for the dual purpose of protecting the health of the players from the intense heat and to increase attendance. Among other reasons cited for the lighting was so that persons who worked Saturday afternoon could see the Big Reds play and so that the Stadium could be used for the purpose of holding other outdoor events such as political rallies or church events. Businessmen also felt that by playing Friday night games, Saturday afternoon business would be bolstered.
The first night game at PHS Stadium was Sept. 6, 1940 with the Big Reds beating Grantsville 50-0.
During the 1984-85 football season part of the stadium stands were closed for safety reasons. On June 13, 1988 it was recommended that both sides of the stands be closed. On June 14 the Board of Education accepted that recommendation.
During the summer of 1988 temporary bleachers were purchased and put up. Remodeling was done with funding help from C.O. Erickson and began in 1992. It was totally completed in 1994 with structural steel and concrete used to repair the stands.
In 1995 PHS qualified for home playoff games. After beating North Marion in the first round, the Big Reds were scheduled to host Wheeling Park. The Patriots protested the playing conditions at Stadium Field (no grass and nothing but mud) and a state inspection committee upheld the protest – moving the game to Tyler Consolidated High School. PHS won that game 28-7 and got to host the semifinal game after much work was done to repair the turf. But Hedgesville won the game 18-0 and the drive to install artificial turf on Stadium Field began in earnest.
The Stadium Renovation committee had its first planning session on Jan. 4, 1996 with more than two dozen members. In almost no time there were plans for an artificial surface to be added to the football field along with an 8-lane Eurotan track surface, new sidewalks, asphalt parking lot and refurbished concession stands.
On Aug. 30, 1996 the first game was played on AstroTurf Xl surface between Parkersburg South and Wheeling Park. On Sept. 6 the Big Reds played host to Hurricane on the new turf.
The cost of the new surface and renovations came to $1.25 million dollars which included $400,000 worth of in-kind services, $400,000 for advertising signs, $250,000 in donations and five bank loans of $400,000.
New light standards were installed in 1998. In 1999 new locker rooms were built in the Mary Lou Hague Memorial Sports and Arts complex at a cost of $536,390. In 2005 the restoration of the concrete stands was done at a cost of $129,356. In 2006 the turf was replaced at a cost of $295,000 with ProGrass artificial surface. In 2009 a new concession stand and restrooms were built on the home side at a cost of $195,000. The track was resurfaced in 2010 at a cost of $75,000 and in 2012 handrails were installed at a cost of $68,090.

In 2013 the home side bleachers were replaced in time for the second home game of the season. New seats were also installed with backs for the reserved seat section. The visiting bleachers still need to be replaced and contributions are still being taken.

Work was to begin in August, 2018, to replace the turf surface on the Stadium with work completed Aug. 26. The running track was also to be replaced but the surface was not to be finished until the fall of 2019.

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